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Life always includes struggles:
once they are no more
there is always death.
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Dance is prayer.

I used to enjoy dancing, so much so that I could easily trance out while dancing. And not to Techno/Trance music, which is designed for that. To 80s synthpop and pagan-folk music. Of course, what I call dancing, other people may call random movements. I don’t have any set patterns or movements, I just move with the music.

That is a small part of my lack of dance lately. The apartment we currently live in does not have a large amount of free space, so the few times I have danced, I have had to pay attention to where my body is at, somewhat defeating the purpose of The Dance.

“Dance, Dance, where ever You may be,
‘I am the Lord of The Dance’ said He.
I’ll lead You all, wherever you may be,
I’ll lead You all in The Dance, said He.”
This… is not a Christian song, in my opinion. The chorus has too much of a Pagan feel, and a lot of the Christian lyrics feel forced. This is a fragment of a hymn to Lord Shiva Nataraja, the Dancer who Creates and Destroys the Universe.

There were times when I Danced, that I Felt His Presence. He Inhabited me for a time. That was when I felt the Divine most clearly.

But time moves on, and I left the city by the bay were I felt Him so strongly. I did not keep in contact with friends, I barely keep in contact with family. I have been adrift for years… Writing this, I realize how far I have drifted, going with the flow, not making waves… With no course laid out, no overall plan.

I need to find a place where I can Dance again, where I can move freely without bumping into tables and chairs and couches.

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