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I have shot a rifle before. Long ago. I think even before we moved to Cobden. I even owned one, I even still have the stock of it, but somewhere in my (too) many moves, I seem to have lost the barrel.

With all that is going on in the USA recently, I am wanting to pick up a new one, and officially get training in use and care of it. (Yes, it is usually the Republicans who tend to do that type of stuff, because they are afraid of “Liberals taking away their guns!” with gun control. When really, most people in the country just want it so that the people who have guns know how to use them safely. At least that is how it seems to me.)

I already have a friend who has bought a shotgun for self-protection / home-protection, and he is probably one of the most ‘Liberal’ people I know, at least probably according to most of the current Christian Dominionist Republicans. The ones who would gladly take away his and my rights to even exist.

Somehow, I think that my fear of being erased from existence is closer to reality under the present administration / regime than their fear of having their guns taken away by the previous administration.
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last chance idol

This is a bit of a test.
Ink: Diamine Imperial Purple
Pen: TWSBI Eco
Paper: Field Notes "Pitch Black" Fourth printing
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President #45’s first official ‘press conference’, with hand picked reporters, still doesn’t go quite as he hoped. The first reporter went with their journalistic integrity, and actually asked a relevant question or at least attempted to before he shut them down, yelling “That is NOT an approved question! You are only supposed to ask questions from the preapproved list you were handed! You’re FIRED! NEXT!!!”

He points to another reporter, who stands, holds up a sheet of paper and says, “You mean these pabulum questions? We’ll be releasing them to the public so they know what you want to talk about, but…” tears the sheet in half and drops it to the ground. And the majority of the reporters in the room yell in unison “We want to know why you haven’t released your tax forms!”

45 gets red in the face. “Who cares! Old News! Noone wants that! You are all FIRED!!! One more chance!” Points to a man holding up his hand with a BREITBART sign in it. “Steve’s lackey, from Breitbart!”

“Mr. President, how do you feel about the rumours that there are neoNazi’s among your supporters?”

“Well now, even though that isn’t one of the officially worded questions, it is close enough. Remember in the future, when Breitbart is our OFFICIAL NEWS OUTLET! To ask the questions as they are written for you! Now obviously the Nazis are dead, we defeated them in that big war in the 40s! That my grandparents fought in! We killed them all dead! There are no more Nazis! Anyone who claims there are still Nazis around is a LYING LIAR! The Liberals want to make you think there are still Nazis around to keep you scared but they are all dead. Just like anyone who opposes us will end up being!” Pauses for a second. “After all, everyone dies sometime, right?” With a bit of a grin on his face.

Press Flack Spicer comes on stage, “NO MORE QUESTIONS! THIS INTERVIEW OVER! CLEAR THE ROOM!” As others among 45’s ‘loyal guard’ rush him back stage.

The official transcript is released the next day on under header OFFICIAL NEWS OUTLET, without the last two sentences of 45’s rant. Lackey Conway says “Lord Trump never uttered those words that you think He did!”

Breitbart is DDOSed after instituting a NO COMMENTS policy on their ‘stories’, to be replaced by raw footage of the press conference, on a loop.
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Where am I from?
Well, there’s no generally accepted name for our multiversal cluster or universe, so I can’t go that general. Milky Way Galaxy, Orion’s Arm. Sol System. Sol-3 (Earth/Terra). North America. United States of America. Illinois.
Then it gets a bit complicated, sorta.
Born in McLeansboro, but don’t really remember anything before about 4yo, when we were living in Oakwood. Then moved to Cobden between 5th & 6th grades, because Dad transferred to a different region. (Illinois State Police.) So most of my formative schooling, that I remember, was in Cobden, and that is where I pretty much consider I grew up. I have no real ties left to Oakwood, as I didn’t keep in contact with the friends my age, and everyone I wa close to older than me has died. (A slightly odd fact: there is a linguistic/dialect border between central Illinois (Oakwood) and southern Illinois (McLeansboro and Cobden). So since I went between the two quite regularly, I have a bit bit of a mixed accent.)
After High School, I went to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (only about 20 miles from Cobden).
After that, San Francisco for a year.
Then Kansas City for about a decade.
Back to central Illinois (Champaign/Urbana) for a couple of years.
Phoenix AZ for another decade or so.
Now in the Saint Louis Metro.

The Big Bang creation of our current universe, for some of the Hydrogen atoms in my body (probably?) Though some are also probably products of nuclear decay of heavier elements. All the rest of the atoms in my body are the product of various stars lifetimes of fusion and explosion, which coalesced into our current solar system.

European-American ancestry. With a bit of Native American mixed in. Can’t be more specific than that, as I’ve never done much research into my ancestors, though all 4 grandparents were born here in the USA.

A conscious speck of life this universe uses to observe itself
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Everyone expected the Trumpish Inquisition.

Nobody expected him to actually take the Presidency seriously. But after the first couple months he buckled down, made some key changes in his Cabinet, and became one of the best Presidents ever.

When Betsy DeVoss tried to get Christian Creation Science inserted into the curriculum of all schools nationwide, he uttered his famous phrase: “You’re FIRED.” on his first national TV address. In an act of surprising candor, he continued, “Truthfully, I was even more surprised than Hillary at my election. What I was really wanting to do was just expose how corrupt the system had gotten. I lost sight of that, and let it go to my head for awhile. I never expected the Senate to confirm all my Cabinet picks! I am submitting a new list of Cabinet Secretaries to the Senate as I speak. These Secretaries actually know the subject of their Cabinet posts, not in an adversarial way. As an example, my new pick for Secretary of Education is C.G.P. Grey.”

“I am also asking Congress to work on making gerrymandering obsolete.”
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Reporter: Mr. Gretsky, how can you explain your phenomenal increase in interceptions this season? You’ve gone from 4% successful interceptions last season (and less than 1% career wise, excluding this season) to over 90% this season.

Gretsky: Well, you see, I just changed my philosophy. Instead of skating to where the puck currently is, I’m skating to where it will be…

Reporter: But…?

Gretsky’s voice changes, becoming multivocalic. Most seem to be feminine, but there are several deeper voices, including a booming baritone that speaks just a little out of phase with the rest of the voices: WWhaAtT thTHeE MmOoRrTtAaLl sSeEzZ iIsS tTrRuUe as FAR as It goes. SORT OF he made a BARGAIN with US for the “GgIiFfTt” of FfOorRtTeElLiInNgG.

Gretsky’s eyes widen in fear, as his helmet pops off on it’s own, and his hair starts waving around like he’s touching a Tesla coil, and growing several feet.

Voices: HhEe wWaAnNtTeEdD to BE the BEST player EVER. WE just DIRECT him WHERE to GO. WwEe can DO the SAME for YOU. just CALL 800PoSSeSSioN, and WE will TAKE control OF YYOOUURR body.

The screen goes black for a second, and then a red skinned demon appears: And that is how the Fifth Age of Humanity ended, and the Second Age of Demons started. Tune in tomorrow for our celebration of the 500th anniversary of this breakthrough!
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Life always includes struggles:
once they are no more
there is always death.

LJIdol 10

Tuesday, 1 November 2016 22:02
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oy. I missed the entire months of September and October.

and here I'm gonna jump in on the newest season of LJ Idol, so you should start hearing more from me again. :)

In other news, I ordered a couple of new fountain pens from Pen Chalet. A Nemosine Singularity and a Pilot Knight, along with a Rhodia notepad and Clairfontaine pocket notes book. I also have a small Doane Idea Journal coming. So you may be getting some reviews soon also.I will say one thing, from the notes I've written in the Rhodia, I can see why it is a popular brand. I didn't think I would be able to actually feel the difference when writing on the Rhodia vs copy paper, but I can.


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