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Saturday, 29 July 2017 01:09
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 Wow, 2 in a month! 

Ended up not meeting up with Duncan when he was in Florissant. Nor did I get down to see the Titan Arum when it was in bloom.

We were without power from ~3AM Sunday morning (23 July) through 9AM Monday. Seph got the generator going during the evening.

the storm did knock down one of our billboards. what used to be the 2nd furthest east of the StL Metro boards on I70. (We are going to end up taking down the furthest east one also [only 1/2 mile further east]). It has not sold in >year. Hard to access, harder to see than the one that went down, smaller... 

One of the long time Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc (MASI) members passed away early least week. There was an auction of quite a few of his fish at the meeting on the 20th. I got a Blue Lobster (crawdad). Which did survive the power outage.
Tomorrow is the MASI picnic that I will be going to, then I am thinking of going to another game Sunday. Cards v Diamondbacks.

We are having to do a goal setting process @ work. SMART. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-based.
Hopefully, I can do it well.
I have been almost coasting for awhile @ work.

Been listening to Productivity Alchemy by Kevin Sonney.

Early July 12017

Wednesday, 5 July 2017 23:13
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 Let's see: 
We've added a new player in our Monday night Pathfinder gaming. He has a previous relationship with another player, and it definitely shows. I assume it wasn't a particularly bad breakup, since they come in the same car. They do tend to get each other annoyed occasionally. Our characters leveled up to 5th level on Monday, which means I need to do dome more work with PCGen.

Duncan DaHusky is doing a month long road trip / vacation around the west half of US and Canada. He will be in StL at the end of the month, Staying with Rama. Who I know I've met, but can't place. And he seems to be living here in Florissant. Would be odd / funny if he is in the same neighborhood as we live in. Maybe that might help get Seph out of the house some?

There is a Titan Arum getting ready to flower at the MO Botanical Garden sometime soon. I do want to get down there for it. I want to get down there in general.

I went to Cardinals game on the 4th, since we had 2 tickets left that no one else claimed. I almost didn't get to enter Busch Field. I had taken my nurse with me, and since it more of a 'backpack' than a purse, the first gate I went to refused to do the security check on it. Wandered around a bit outside, and decided to try a different gate before heading back home. Since it was after the start of the game, and it wasn't currently busy on people entering, the guy at the second gate I tried looked at it. And took the time to explain the reasoning. Basically, he said that women's purses are mostly one large compartment, and they can just look in, whereas my nurse has several outside compartments... I still think it is more of a useless / sexist distinction, but next time I go down, I will be sure not to take my murse.

more to write, but falling asleep, so will try  to do more tomorrow


Sunday, 18 June 2017 10:27
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 We are currently at Ginghams. We were without power when I woke up. Seph said it had been out for about 7 hours at that point. Came out to St Charles to get generator. (He had been thinking of getting one for awhile..)

Last night, I went to see "Jesus Christ, Superstar"  at the MUNY. We got tickets @ work, and I grabbed them. Quite nice seats, IMO. Section A6, Row T, Seats 18/20. Seph did not want to go with me, and I had no takers when I posted them on a couple of local places...
I did quite enjoy it.  the second part especially, though it was sad. I have always thought Judas Iscariot got a bad reputation, undeservedly, in 'standard Christian beleifs.' This does seem to play that up. I wonder if I got exposed to a performance as a kid somewhere? I do have a copy of the Gospel of Judas somewhere. I now want to read it.

We've been doing Seph's birthday meals over the past few days. Including today @ Gingham's (where we usually eat before I drop him off @ work on Satyrday nights.) And his Whelpday is tomorrow (Monday, 19 June).

I've started listening to Productivity Alchemy by Kevin Sonney. I'm thinking / wondering if Open Badges would work @ conventions. Fur Cons are the main ones I'm thinking of, since that is my primary fandom I do stuff with, but in general, could work with about any, I would think?

(Back at home, 11:45 AM. Electricity is back on. Getting ready to head down to Cobden.)
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Last night, Seph and I went downtown to see Barenaked Ladies at the Peabody Opera House.  Very nice interior. Not quite as opulent as the Fox Theater, but still quite nice! Won tickets through 106.5 The Arch WARH.

In August, Family Arena is going to be having an 80s tour playing, including Men Without Hats and Howard Jones! Definitely want to see that! Unfortunatley, we no longer get tickets for Family Arena at work as part of trade agreements. I will have to see how the timing works for Seph and work.

And last but not least, also in August (HOPEFULLY not the same day!) total solar eclipse!!
I am going to try to head down to Alto Pass (Bald Knob to be precise) for it, to be able to see the Moon's shadow sweep across from the height.
Also, I hear that there is supposed to be a outdoor music festival in Marion, with Ozzy Osbourne headlining, and performing during the actual eclipse... Personally, I will take the view.


Thursday, 11 May 2017 12:57
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 Why do I have so much trouble doing stuff? like keeping up with this. writing letters. keeping up with our budget spreadsheet. bleagh.

We went to go see some Vintage Baseball on Saturday, 06 May. The Belleville Stags were one of the teams, along with Vandalia OldCapital, Alton Giant, and Saint Louis Brown Stockings.

The Stags Facebook page has some videos of the day. https://www.facebook.com/Belleville-Stags-Vintage-Base-Ball-Club-290064157691261/

was fun, but we only stayed for the first 2 games, since Seph did have to get SOME sleep during the day. We both got sunburnt.
I am actually thinking of possibly joining one of the local teams. (I think there are several in St. Louis.) Looks fun. (and yet wasn't I just talking about getting stuff done?

Bowling is over for the season. Got some money back, Both Seph and myself had a payout for being having a high handicap game (or series?) don't remember which.

And something I am somewhat avoiding thinking of... Mr. Grey (our cat) is nearing the end of this life. We got him from pound when he was about 10, and we've had him for about 4 or 5 years... He has not been eating much or getting out of his bed much... Took him to the vet on monday, and they took x-rays (since he had gotten worse since the visite in early April, with no issues with bloodwork which they did in April.)
Looks like he has (probably) cancer in left lung.
*posts this before I break down crying at work*

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Sunday, 23 April 2017 22:21
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Well, no gaming for the next two Mondays, Tiger and Tron are going to CLAW. One of the Las Vegas crew has formally withdrawn from group. Other one will try to skype in, so we can finish the main campaign. Trying to get my character into a PCGen template, but having issues... Android Monk (Zen Archer) / Fighter. Can't seem to get the data sets for the Zen Archer to load at the same time as the Android race...
Have also created an account @ Roll20.net.

Tonight was the last normal league night for our bowling league for the season. Next week is a free bowling night, and then there will be a party where any prizes will be given out in 2 weeks. Not sure if we will be doing a summer league or not, though I am leaning toward not... I did not really enjoy the one summer league I was in (2 summers ago, before my surgery.)

Time for me to get back on my comic box reorganization project.

Picked up some canna starts, and planted most of them. Will plant the last ones tomorrow.

time to feed the fishies, pull the laundry upstairs, and head to the Dreaming.

(speaking of which, I want to see a MLP version of The Endless.)
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OK, right now, I am reading [fimfiction.net profile] Goldfur's MLP stories, Specifically "Quantum Gallop" in the House of Path series. and loving it!! I have always enjoyed his writing in his Chakat universe, and this is just as good.
I get so caught up in reading it, I have been quite late to work a time or two.

I need to start setting a timer when I begin reading.

I also need to get myself organized in more ways than one. As mentioned previously, I was breaking down my long boxes of comics into short boxes, both for the space, and because some of the long boxes are probably over twenty years old, and show their age. I.....have not done any of that for quite awhile. Months probably in fact...
And new comics are building up.
and my side of the computer room is building up...

I mean to do something about it, and get distracted.... I plan on working on something when I get home from work, and end up doing something else. I plan on doing it on the weekends, and end up spending more time on my out of home errands, and getting home to late to do it.

I'm thinking of working with a bullet journal type planner, to try to get myself somewhat more organized.
I bought a Taschenbegleiter http://www.roterfaden.de/en/home/ and Hobonichi Techo http://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/ last year, and was going fairly strong for awhile, but have dropped off severely over the past couple weeks.
As Brad Dowdy [twiter.com profile] dowdyism said somewhere on his Penaddict.com website (or maybe the podcast?) with the pre printed / dated planner, if you miss a few days, it leaves so much blank it feels odd. If you miss a few days or weeks in a Bullet Journal, you can just make a note, and start on the next blank page.

Oh well, I can always start once again.
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#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday


Thursday, 13 April 2017 13:18
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 My current main gaming group is currently split in 2, because 2 of them moved to Las Vegas last year. It has made it difficult to get our 'main' campaign finished, even though we are basically only 1 or 2 sessions from finishing it. We meet on Mondays @ Tyger's and Tron's house (Tron is the GM for the current main and backup campaign. Both are in PathFinder system. Though I think we will be switching to the StarFinder system when it comes out this summer, since Tron tends to do it that way anyway (especially the main campaign.) which does throw some oddities into it, pushing the base PathFinder system to modern/future setting.

Anyway, everyone in the group is supposed to have a campaign ready to go for when we [finally] finish the main campaign. I'm planning on proposing a GURPS Supers campaign. I need to actually WORK on getting a campaign idea set up. I'm wanting it to be something like Alex Woolfson's The Young Protectors. My trouble is just getting everything created/set down. Also, the fact that none of us have actually played in the GURPS system before…

I have started moving my cleric in the backup campaign to a digital format (PCGEn file) on my Linux box as of last night. I've been holding off on taking him up to 14th level (for in game reasons, he was thinking of infiltrating a sect of Inquisitors of Serenrae, by joining them and get some training. That plot was resolved differently.) I am thinking of doing Holy Vindicator prestige class.
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I have shot a rifle before. Long ago. I think even before we moved to Cobden. I even owned one, I even still have the stock of it, but somewhere in my (too) many moves, I seem to have lost the barrel.

With all that is going on in the USA recently, I am wanting to pick up a new one, and officially get training in use and care of it. (Yes, it is usually the Republicans who tend to do that type of stuff, because they are afraid of “Liberals taking away their guns!” with gun control. When really, most people in the country just want it so that the people who have guns know how to use them safely. At least that is how it seems to me.)

I already have a friend who has bought a shotgun for self-protection / home-protection, and he is probably one of the most ‘Liberal’ people I know, at least probably according to most of the current Christian Dominionist Republicans. The ones who would gladly take away his and my rights to even exist.

Somehow, I think that my fear of being erased from existence is closer to reality under the present administration / regime than their fear of having their guns taken away by the previous administration.
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last chance idol

This is a bit of a test.
Ink: Diamine Imperial Purple
Pen: TWSBI Eco
Paper: Field Notes "Pitch Black" Fourth printing
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President #45’s first official ‘press conference’, with hand picked reporters, still doesn’t go quite as he hoped. The first reporter went with their journalistic integrity, and actually asked a relevant question or at least attempted to before he shut them down, yelling “That is NOT an approved question! You are only supposed to ask questions from the preapproved list you were handed! You’re FIRED! NEXT!!!”

He points to another reporter, who stands, holds up a sheet of paper and says, “You mean these pabulum questions? We’ll be releasing them to the public so they know what you want to talk about, but…” tears the sheet in half and drops it to the ground. And the majority of the reporters in the room yell in unison “We want to know why you haven’t released your tax forms!”

45 gets red in the face. “Who cares! Old News! Noone wants that! You are all FIRED!!! One more chance!” Points to a man holding up his hand with a BREITBART sign in it. “Steve’s lackey, from Breitbart!”

“Mr. President, how do you feel about the rumours that there are neoNazi’s among your supporters?”

“Well now, even though that isn’t one of the officially worded questions, it is close enough. Remember in the future, when Breitbart is our OFFICIAL NEWS OUTLET! To ask the questions as they are written for you! Now obviously the Nazis are dead, we defeated them in that big war in the 40s! That my grandparents fought in! We killed them all dead! There are no more Nazis! Anyone who claims there are still Nazis around is a LYING LIAR! The Liberals want to make you think there are still Nazis around to keep you scared but they are all dead. Just like anyone who opposes us will end up being!” Pauses for a second. “After all, everyone dies sometime, right?” With a bit of a grin on his face.

Press Flack Spicer comes on stage, “NO MORE QUESTIONS! THIS INTERVIEW OVER! CLEAR THE ROOM!” As others among 45’s ‘loyal guard’ rush him back stage.

The official transcript is released the next day on Breitbart.com under header OFFICIAL NEWS OUTLET, without the last two sentences of 45’s rant. Lackey Conway says “Lord Trump never uttered those words that you think He did!”

Breitbart is DDOSed after instituting a NO COMMENTS policy on their ‘stories’, to be replaced by raw footage of the press conference, on a loop.
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Where am I from?
Well, there’s no generally accepted name for our multiversal cluster or universe, so I can’t go that general. Milky Way Galaxy, Orion’s Arm. Sol System. Sol-3 (Earth/Terra). North America. United States of America. Illinois.
Then it gets a bit complicated, sorta.
Born in McLeansboro, but don’t really remember anything before about 4yo, when we were living in Oakwood. Then moved to Cobden between 5th & 6th grades, because Dad transferred to a different region. (Illinois State Police.) So most of my formative schooling, that I remember, was in Cobden, and that is where I pretty much consider I grew up. I have no real ties left to Oakwood, as I didn’t keep in contact with the friends my age, and everyone I wa close to older than me has died. (A slightly odd fact: there is a linguistic/dialect border between central Illinois (Oakwood) and southern Illinois (McLeansboro and Cobden). So since I went between the two quite regularly, I have a bit bit of a mixed accent.)
After High School, I went to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (only about 20 miles from Cobden).
After that, San Francisco for a year.
Then Kansas City for about a decade.
Back to central Illinois (Champaign/Urbana) for a couple of years.
Phoenix AZ for another decade or so.
Now in the Saint Louis Metro.

The Big Bang creation of our current universe, for some of the Hydrogen atoms in my body (probably?) Though some are also probably products of nuclear decay of heavier elements. All the rest of the atoms in my body are the product of various stars lifetimes of fusion and explosion, which coalesced into our current solar system.

European-American ancestry. With a bit of Native American mixed in. Can’t be more specific than that, as I’ve never done much research into my ancestors, though all 4 grandparents were born here in the USA.

A conscious speck of life this universe uses to observe itself
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Everyone expected the Trumpish Inquisition.

Nobody expected him to actually take the Presidency seriously. But after the first couple months he buckled down, made some key changes in his Cabinet, and became one of the best Presidents ever.

When Betsy DeVoss tried to get Christian Creation Science inserted into the curriculum of all schools nationwide, he uttered his famous phrase: “You’re FIRED.” on his first national TV address. In an act of surprising candor, he continued, “Truthfully, I was even more surprised than Hillary at my election. What I was really wanting to do was just expose how corrupt the system had gotten. I lost sight of that, and let it go to my head for awhile. I never expected the Senate to confirm all my Cabinet picks! I am submitting a new list of Cabinet Secretaries to the Senate as I speak. These Secretaries actually know the subject of their Cabinet posts, not in an adversarial way. As an example, my new pick for Secretary of Education is C.G.P. Grey.”

“I am also asking Congress to work on making gerrymandering obsolete.”
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Reporter: Mr. Gretsky, how can you explain your phenomenal increase in interceptions this season? You’ve gone from 4% successful interceptions last season (and less than 1% career wise, excluding this season) to over 90% this season.

Gretsky: Well, you see, I just changed my philosophy. Instead of skating to where the puck currently is, I’m skating to where it will be…

Reporter: But…?

Gretsky’s voice changes, becoming multivocalic. Most seem to be feminine, but there are several deeper voices, including a booming baritone that speaks just a little out of phase with the rest of the voices: WWhaAtT thTHeE MmOoRrTtAaLl sSeEzZ iIsS tTrRuUe as FAR as It goes. SORT OF he made a BARGAIN with US for the “GgIiFfTt” of FfOorRtTeElLiInNgG.

Gretsky’s eyes widen in fear, as his helmet pops off on it’s own, and his hair starts waving around like he’s touching a Tesla coil, and growing several feet.

Voices: HhEe wWaAnNtTeEdD to BE the BEST player EVER. WE just DIRECT him WHERE to GO. WwEe can DO the SAME for YOU. just CALL 800PoSSeSSioN, and WE will TAKE control OF YYOOUURR body.

The screen goes black for a second, and then a red skinned demon appears: And that is how the Fifth Age of Humanity ended, and the Second Age of Demons started. Tune in tomorrow for our celebration of the 500th anniversary of this breakthrough!
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I can at least understand most of the rules of baseball. They are fairly straightforward and make sense in context. It is the game that I enjoyed the most when forced to play it in high school PE classes, even though I usually got stuck in the outfield. (Or did I choose to play the outfield because the ball rarely go hit out there?) At my job, we usually get a set of season tickets to the local sports teams, in trade for advertising, and I usually try to go see the Cards at least once a season.

American Football on the other hand… I get the basic rules, but some of the details will forever elude me. Of course, I don't really care to learn the detailed rules, because I find it a fairly boring game. Again, probably influenced by being forced to play it in PE classes, and always getting picked last.

One game that has stuck with me is bowling. Our school had hollow rubber bowling balls, which would lead to some hilarity when someone would always loft it and bounce it down the gym floor. After high school, I would bowl occasionally in college, but the first time I joined a league was when I lived in Kansas City in the 90s. Sure Happy It's Thursday league, which is still going strong. Somehow, I never got around to joining a league while living in Phoenix. Or maybe not so surprising, as I never really felt like I was at home in Phoenix. I've been in a league here in Saint Louis for the past 4 years, and even gotten my husband to join for the past two.
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Life always includes struggles:
once they are no more
there is always death.
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A middle-aged satyr steps up to the microphone. His heavy horns emerge from his upper forehead, curling back and out, with the points at about jaw level, but a bit in front of his jaw. They are decorated with bright paint and colorful ribbons wrapped around, along with some beaded dangles. His long hair is dark brown, with three bright green patches, while his beard is a lighter brown and grey. He is wearing a brocade vest, patterned in leaves in multiple shades of green, and an electric blue leather kilt. His hooves tap on the wooden floor in front of the podium.

“Good evening. I believe introductions are in order. My name is Lirleni Hankeshe, and I am currently the primary fursona of the writer. He is currently feeling a bit under the weather, as well as mildly depressed about the election results yesterday in the United Species of America.” He pauses, takes a drink from a tankard sitting by the podium, and smacks his lips in satisfaction. “WONDERful cider you serve here! I may enjoy this job after all!”

“I have been authorized to answer any questions you may have about the writer. This will be his fourth attempt at this competition, and he is hoping to do better than in previous seasons, interacting with all of you more. He asked me to read you a list of his interests, but I think that would be boring, and possibly counter-productive. After all, he freely admits that in general he leads a fairly sedate life. Much of his free time is spent reading science fiction and fantasy, and enjoys exploring worlds that others have created.”
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What better way to celebrate Fountain Pen Day than to post a short review? :) I've been using fountain pens almost exclusively for over three years or so at this point.

I decided to do a review of one of the first style of fountain pen I bought, which is the Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen. cut for pics )

Holiday cards

Tuesday, 1 November 2016 22:16
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I am starting my planning for holiday cards early this year. :) If you would like a card, leave your address in a comment (I have set the comments to be screened.)
I may try to do some handmade cards, but no promises. most will probably be signed by [livejournal.com profile] taur10 in addition to me.

I have already sent a couple people messages asking for their address, since I've fallen behind on their current addresses by a move or two.

My work address is:

6767 N Hanley Road
Berkeley MO 63134


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