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 Tsundoku – acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up without reading them.

Oh my gods, that describes me so very well. Especially comic books.

I have been accumulating comic books for probably about 40 years at this point. I’ve got most of them entered into an online database for comics (, and I now have almost 11,000 entered, and I know I am behind on entering, so I can reliably state I have over 11K in the house. Most of them are in comic boxes (we’ve switched to the short boxes, because my older long boxes were in terrible shape, and the long boxes are heavy!!!) The older ones are grouped by series, mostly, but most of them from the past 15 years are more semichronological… i.e. they piled up, and I eventually stuck them in a box to just keep them in some vague order. And unfortunately, over  the past few years, I have not kept up on even reading all the comics I get each week. And considering most comics cost about $4.00 each nowadays, this is not an insignificant amount of money I am spending. I try to cut down, but then there are new series that look interesting, and I try them out, and….

 Regular books are at least more ordered, as they are in bookshelves. And I am not purchasing so many new ones. Although one of the perks of Seph’s job at Silver Arch Books was that he was allowed to take any books (and other items) that their system did not flag that they wanted. So our collection blossomed over that time period. But still, we have 9 full size bookshelves in the house and 2 short ones, under the livingroom windows. Our living room is basically our library. 7 of the full size ones are along the walls, and are the Billy Bookcases from Ikea (no idea why the white is reliably cheaper than other colors.) And these are all mine. Seph has one bookcase in the bedroom, and there is one in the computer room that has many of the ones he brought home.

And I need to start getting rid of many of them, as one of his long term goals is to convert a school-bus into an RV... Which means I would need to cut down to something like this for my books...

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 Who are my personal icons?

This is actually a somewhat difficult question for me, in some ways…
Part of it is that I have not really examined my thoughts / life regarding this, which is probably not a good thing. I tend to live my life day to day, as it happens. I make plans, but not really long-term goals.

Another part of the problem, is that I think my memory works differently than most peoples. (I should probably see a psychist at some point, to figure out if my memory is actually unusually bad, or if I just think it is.)
One example: I could not tell you what color my husband’s eyes are. To tell the truth, I actually don’t even know what color my parents’ eyes are.

Another example: I know I went to see an 80’s Music tour @ the St Charles Family Arena. Howard Jones was the main act, along with Men Without Hats (the main one I wanted to see), Katrina (from Katrina and the Waves), and one other act, that I can’t remember without looking it up. I know it wasn’t one of my favorites. I know it was while Seph was working @ WalMart in St Charles, because he dropped me off, and then I took an Lyft from the Arena to WalMart to get our car, to drive home. (He worked overnight’s.) But I truthfully could not tell you if it was in 2016 or 2017.

That is pretty much my entire life. I know I did things, but the details…


After that digression:

Probably my biggest icon is Isaac Asimov. Mostly because of the breadth of his writing. I’ve enjoyed his science fiction, and his non-fiction. Over 400 books, and I believe I have read that he is one of the few people to have books in every one of the main 10 Dewey Decimal divisions. And I have a large proportion of his books, but nowhere near a majority.

Other than that… I don’t really know.

Probably a friend, TC. He is a little bit older than me, and we are similar in some ways, but he has done so much more with his life. Though he has had a lot more bad things happen in his life than I have, too. But he is always quite positive and helpful.

After that, it would be people I admire, but I don’t really think it would go up to icon status. People like FranUrsula Vernon, Brad Dowdy, George Takei, Presidents Carter and Obama… and my husband, Seph for putting up with me.

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 At the very least, I will be cannon fodder letting better writers get through an extra week.

Most of my entries will probably be short. as I am not very verbose at the best of times.
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 OK, this is a bit of a random rant:

For all the Science Fiction / Fantasy authors, who are creating alien species / words for readers of English, please do not use the letter C by itself in the name / word. In English, it does not have a sound unique to it. It is either K as in cop, or S as in ceiling.

The specific race that has brought this to my annoyed attention is the Caeliar from the Star Trek: Destiny crossover series. (Yes, I am reading a 'miniseries' of books that came out in 2008 for the first time in 2018...)

I can not settle on if I should be pronouncing this species name as Kayliar or Seeliar. And what is the most annoying part? We are first introduced to their demonym by their own speech. The Caeliar scientist meets the captain of the NX-02 Columbia, and says that his people are the Caeliar, and that the humans can use the same form as either a singular or plural noun, or as an adjective... This is in VOCAL SPEECH. It should be rendered phonetically!
There is no way I would hear something and spell it out as Caeliar.


Thursday, 10 May 2018 20:53
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 What I have planted this spring so far:

I had dug up canna rhizomes last fall, and stored them in the basement over the winter. I'm not sure if they actually survived or not. I planted them on Monday 07 May. The big clump that was by the door, was the biggest, and had a few smaller rhizomes. I planted all of the canna in the south  one, the one in actual patio.

tonight, I planted the castor beans, after they soaked for a few days. Most of them in the north one. four of them beside a wood 'board', and several others are marked with sticks (or remaining okra stems.) I planted one in the north one, one in the border or each section between the wall and the chain link fence. one final one was planted by the hanger in the back yard, marked by wood chunk. (The castor beans I got from Tropicana Bowling.)

several canna seeds were also planted.

Hopefully some of them will sprout, and grow.


Wednesday, 9 May 2018 20:55
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not so much bad bleagh, just.... blah.

Did an Ingress First Satyrday event on Cinco de Mayo, down on Cherokee street, where there was a big celebration. (I'm team Green / Enlightened). I need to capture about 200 unique portals to get to the next level.

Thinking of shaving my beard, or at least MAJOR trim. (probably should post a pic sometime.)

doing some crochet / knitting (mostly teaching myself)

Got a card or Mom today, will need to get it in mail on way to work in the morning, to get there Satyrday.

Planning on going to the Saint Louis Pen Show.

Black Mirror

Thursday, 12 April 2018 13:22
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 I finally got around to watching the first episode of Series 4 of Black Miiror, USS Callister. and I quite enjoyed it. It has been awhile since I watched the first 3 series. This episode was a lighter tone, at first. In fact, I was almost thinking NEtflix had messed up and somehow linked a totally different show.


Saturday, 31 March 2018 21:09
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these are the boots I took over from Seph.
A pair of zippered 'combat' boots.

We actually wear the same size shoes, though I think this is the first time I've worn any of his. (He has been wearing a pair of snow boots I got, when he rides his scooter to work, if it's too cold...)

He quit wearing them at his new job, because they were making his feet hurt. 
As long as I am not standing on my feet at work much, I'm fine with them. (I discovered if I stand for too long in them, my feet will start hurting, when I spent most of one work day filing...)
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 Actually, the title was more of a knockoff, but the fact that Tom Bailey (from The Thompson Twins) will be performing here in Saint Louis in September makes it somewhat relevant. :) He will be on tour with Boy George and Culture Club, and the B-52s. I am hoping to go see them! as I enjoy all 3 acts.

doing a quick post from work. Acting phone receptionist today, as main receptionist took the day off.

I have been using a CPAP machine for about 10 days now, last few days have slept most of the night with it on, and I think I am seeing a difference. I do feel a bit more energetic during the day.


Thursday, 14 December 2017 23:20
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 make a list of YouTube channels and podcasts I subscribe to
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 [personal profile] taur10  does have a new job (as he has mentioned over on his FB account). of of the benefits is that he is allowed to take any of the items that would go in the trash / recycle bin, so our library has been expanding fairly rapidly since he got the job. (including a Kindle 3 (Keyboard) which seems to work fairly well, except for 2 items (which may be related...) The software is @ version 3.4 on the Kindle, but there is a new version 3.4.2, but we cannot get it to update to the new software version. And we cannot get it to register with his Amazon account. I quite enjoy my Kindle (5th gen) [that is not quite the exact model I have, as I have one with physical buttons for turning the pages, which I very much like!]

Of course, this is a regular job, i.e. 7:00-15:30, meaning he wants to get to sleep by about 21:00, which is going to be a bit of an issue with bowling. There are 2 weeks in the first half of the season, of which we are scheduled next week, and 17 December would be our off week. We do have one of the original members who has not been bowling so far coming back soon. I will probably see if he would want to switch to a more occasional schedule for the spring season. Right now we have 6 members, and we've been doing 2 weeks on, one off (or supposed to, there have been some snafus) I wonder if 2 weeks off, one on, might be better for him ? We shall see...

I am looking to get a pair of overalls. mostly because my current jeans are to tight for me to wear anymore, and I would like at least one pair of denim pants. I am also somewhat looking for some new shoes/boots. However, in that case, I don't really know what I am wanting...I do have a pair of boots (that style, I don't think that exact brand) that I usually wear when I ride a scooter. In fact, they are the pair I bought out in Phoenix when we first got scooters. I have actually had to get the heels redone a couple times (and probably should get them redone again.) Probably should have the entire sole redone this time, as the tread has worn off most of them. The uppers are still in good shape, remarkable so, considering I don't really polish them anywhere near as often as I should. (I seem to walk oddly, in a way that wears out the heels of my shoes.)

and I should be heading to the Dreaming myself. Sweet dreams, and see y'all later.

eta: my boots actually are Durango...

Random post

Thursday, 30 November 2017 20:42
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Why America still uses Fahrenheit.

came across it while browsing YouTube, felt like making a response, but didn't want to post this on youtube... 

It is a generic "Why Metric is better than Imperial measure", which I generally agree with. I wish we would switch over for everything but temperature. (I actually started school right around the time of the first big metric US push in the early 1970s)
I like the 100 degree living range that is in the Fahrenheit system. 0-100 F is mostly the range of habitable areas. There are areas that are outside the range, but I don't think that humans live there long term.
Phoenix does get above 100F during the summer (can get over 115F somewhat regularly), largely due to the heat island effect, but when it is that hot, everyone who can stays inside. 

Listening to

(no subject)

Saturday, 29 July 2017 01:09
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 Wow, 2 in a month! 

Ended up not meeting up with Duncan when he was in Florissant. Nor did I get down to see the Titan Arum when it was in bloom.

We were without power from ~3AM Sunday morning (23 July) through 9AM Monday. Seph got the generator going during the evening.

the storm did knock down one of our billboards. what used to be the 2nd furthest east of the StL Metro boards on I70. (We are going to end up taking down the furthest east one also [only 1/2 mile further east]). It has not sold in >year. Hard to access, harder to see than the one that went down, smaller... 

One of the long time Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc (MASI) members passed away early least week. There was an auction of quite a few of his fish at the meeting on the 20th. I got a Blue Lobster (crawdad). Which did survive the power outage.
Tomorrow is the MASI picnic that I will be going to, then I am thinking of going to another game Sunday. Cards v Diamondbacks.

We are having to do a goal setting process @ work. SMART. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-based.
Hopefully, I can do it well.
I have been almost coasting for awhile @ work.

Been listening to Productivity Alchemy by Kevin Sonney.

Early July 12017

Wednesday, 5 July 2017 23:13
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 Let's see: 
We've added a new player in our Monday night Pathfinder gaming. He has a previous relationship with another player, and it definitely shows. I assume it wasn't a particularly bad breakup, since they come in the same car. They do tend to get each other annoyed occasionally. Our characters leveled up to 5th level on Monday, which means I need to do dome more work with PCGen.

Duncan DaHusky is doing a month long road trip / vacation around the west half of US and Canada. He will be in StL at the end of the month, Staying with Rama. Who I know I've met, but can't place. And he seems to be living here in Florissant. Would be odd / funny if he is in the same neighborhood as we live in. Maybe that might help get Seph out of the house some?

There is a Titan Arum getting ready to flower at the MO Botanical Garden sometime soon. I do want to get down there for it. I want to get down there in general.

I went to Cardinals game on the 4th, since we had 2 tickets left that no one else claimed. I almost didn't get to enter Busch Field. I had taken my nurse with me, and since it more of a 'backpack' than a purse, the first gate I went to refused to do the security check on it. Wandered around a bit outside, and decided to try a different gate before heading back home. Since it was after the start of the game, and it wasn't currently busy on people entering, the guy at the second gate I tried looked at it. And took the time to explain the reasoning. Basically, he said that women's purses are mostly one large compartment, and they can just look in, whereas my nurse has several outside compartments... I still think it is more of a useless / sexist distinction, but next time I go down, I will be sure not to take my murse.

more to write, but falling asleep, so will try  to do more tomorrow


Sunday, 18 June 2017 10:27
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 We are currently at Ginghams. We were without power when I woke up. Seph said it had been out for about 7 hours at that point. Came out to St Charles to get generator. (He had been thinking of getting one for awhile..)

Last night, I went to see "Jesus Christ, Superstar"  at the MUNY. We got tickets @ work, and I grabbed them. Quite nice seats, IMO. Section A6, Row T, Seats 18/20. Seph did not want to go with me, and I had no takers when I posted them on a couple of local places...
I did quite enjoy it.  the second part especially, though it was sad. I have always thought Judas Iscariot got a bad reputation, undeservedly, in 'standard Christian beleifs.' This does seem to play that up. I wonder if I got exposed to a performance as a kid somewhere? I do have a copy of the Gospel of Judas somewhere. I now want to read it.

We've been doing Seph's birthday meals over the past few days. Including today @ Gingham's (where we usually eat before I drop him off @ work on Satyrday nights.) And his Whelpday is tomorrow (Monday, 19 June).

I've started listening to Productivity Alchemy by Kevin Sonney. I'm thinking / wondering if Open Badges would work @ conventions. Fur Cons are the main ones I'm thinking of, since that is my primary fandom I do stuff with, but in general, could work with about any, I would think?

(Back at home, 11:45 AM. Electricity is back on. Getting ready to head down to Cobden.)
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Last night, Seph and I went downtown to see Barenaked Ladies at the Peabody Opera House.  Very nice interior. Not quite as opulent as the Fox Theater, but still quite nice! Won tickets through 106.5 The Arch WARH.

In August, Family Arena is going to be having an 80s tour playing, including Men Without Hats and Howard Jones! Definitely want to see that! Unfortunatley, we no longer get tickets for Family Arena at work as part of trade agreements. I will have to see how the timing works for Seph and work.

And last but not least, also in August (HOPEFULLY not the same day!) total solar eclipse!!
I am going to try to head down to Alto Pass (Bald Knob to be precise) for it, to be able to see the Moon's shadow sweep across from the height.
Also, I hear that there is supposed to be a outdoor music festival in Marion, with Ozzy Osbourne headlining, and performing during the actual eclipse... Personally, I will take the view.


Thursday, 11 May 2017 12:57
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 Why do I have so much trouble doing stuff? like keeping up with this. writing letters. keeping up with our budget spreadsheet. bleagh.

We went to go see some Vintage Baseball on Saturday, 06 May. The Belleville Stags were one of the teams, along with Vandalia OldCapital, Alton Giant, and Saint Louis Brown Stockings.

The Stags Facebook page has some videos of the day.

was fun, but we only stayed for the first 2 games, since Seph did have to get SOME sleep during the day. We both got sunburnt.
I am actually thinking of possibly joining one of the local teams. (I think there are several in St. Louis.) Looks fun. (and yet wasn't I just talking about getting stuff done?

Bowling is over for the season. Got some money back, Both Seph and myself had a payout for being having a high handicap game (or series?) don't remember which.

And something I am somewhat avoiding thinking of... Mr. Grey (our cat) is nearing the end of this life. We got him from pound when he was about 10, and we've had him for about 4 or 5 years... He has not been eating much or getting out of his bed much... Took him to the vet on monday, and they took x-rays (since he had gotten worse since the visite in early April, with no issues with bloodwork which they did in April.)
Looks like he has (probably) cancer in left lung.
*posts this before I break down crying at work*

(no subject)

Sunday, 23 April 2017 22:21
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Well, no gaming for the next two Mondays, Tiger and Tron are going to CLAW. One of the Las Vegas crew has formally withdrawn from group. Other one will try to skype in, so we can finish the main campaign. Trying to get my character into a PCGen template, but having issues... Android Monk (Zen Archer) / Fighter. Can't seem to get the data sets for the Zen Archer to load at the same time as the Android race...
Have also created an account @

Tonight was the last normal league night for our bowling league for the season. Next week is a free bowling night, and then there will be a party where any prizes will be given out in 2 weeks. Not sure if we will be doing a summer league or not, though I am leaning toward not... I did not really enjoy the one summer league I was in (2 summers ago, before my surgery.)

Time for me to get back on my comic box reorganization project.

Picked up some canna starts, and planted most of them. Will plant the last ones tomorrow.

time to feed the fishies, pull the laundry upstairs, and head to the Dreaming.

(speaking of which, I want to see a MLP version of The Endless.)
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OK, right now, I am reading [ profile] Goldfur's MLP stories, Specifically "Quantum Gallop" in the House of Path series. and loving it!! I have always enjoyed his writing in his Chakat universe, and this is just as good.
I get so caught up in reading it, I have been quite late to work a time or two.

I need to start setting a timer when I begin reading.

I also need to get myself organized in more ways than one. As mentioned previously, I was breaking down my long boxes of comics into short boxes, both for the space, and because some of the long boxes are probably over twenty years old, and show their age. I.....have not done any of that for quite awhile. Months probably in fact...
And new comics are building up.
and my side of the computer room is building up...

I mean to do something about it, and get distracted.... I plan on working on something when I get home from work, and end up doing something else. I plan on doing it on the weekends, and end up spending more time on my out of home errands, and getting home to late to do it.

I'm thinking of working with a bullet journal type planner, to try to get myself somewhat more organized.
I bought a Taschenbegleiter and Hobonichi Techo last year, and was going fairly strong for awhile, but have dropped off severely over the past couple weeks.
As Brad Dowdy [ profile] dowdyism said somewhere on his website (or maybe the podcast?) with the pre printed / dated planner, if you miss a few days, it leaves so much blank it feels odd. If you miss a few days or weeks in a Bullet Journal, you can just make a note, and start on the next blank page.

Oh well, I can always start once again.
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