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Cashmere is hair, right? So what is so bad about Cashmere shirts? Angora and Mohair too. Heck the Wikipedia article even says that the original sackcloth was made out of goat hair. (different breed, but… :)

Goats are neat animals. We can get several products from them. Milk, meat, fiber (Cashmere & Mohair) and leather. They are smart and curious, and will eat kudzu. You would think that they would be in wider use wherever kudzu is taking over in the South.

One of the more interesting things about them in my opinion is their pupils. Of course, that article says that cattle, deer, horses and sheep also have horizontal pupils, it is just that goats usually have light colored irises, which lets them be more visible. If I ever get a farm, I want to raise goats, chickens and bees.

Pan is one of the few animalistic gods (other than the Egyptian pantheon, which I don't think has a goat god) that would be somewhat familiar to many christians. Of course, many of them equate him with their Satan, but then, they tend to think that any god other than YHWH/Christ is either nonexistent or evil.
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The first church I remember going to was a Nazarene church, between Oakwood and Danville, then one in Oakwood. (I think the one in town was Nazarene.)
The first church I went to in Cobden was a Presbyterian church. Went for a couple years, then after a unit in 8th grade English, is sort of converted to Greek Paganism, specifically a devotee of Athena. Fairly seriously, for that age.
Then some older guys in high school invited me to their church, and to a bible study... which I went to. I will admit a large part of the reason I went was to be with them. »blushes« That was the First Baptist Church in Cobden. I eventually did get baptised in that church.
For awhile, I went to a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Anna, because my girlfriend's family went.

Probably about a year after I started college, I reverted back to my Pagan beliefs, which is pretty much where my beliefs currently are. Not specifically Greek Paganism, but just a general NeoPagan, like many people are just general Christian.


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