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Sunday, 23 April 2017 22:21
vik_thor: (Tom)
Well, no gaming for the next two Mondays, Tiger and Tron are going to CLAW. One of the Las Vegas crew has formally withdrawn from group. Other one will try to skype in, so we can finish the main campaign. Trying to get my character into a PCGen template, but having issues... Android Monk (Zen Archer) / Fighter. Can't seem to get the data sets for the Zen Archer to load at the same time as the Android race...
Have also created an account @ Roll20.net.

Tonight was the last normal league night for our bowling league for the season. Next week is a free bowling night, and then there will be a party where any prizes will be given out in 2 weeks. Not sure if we will be doing a summer league or not, though I am leaning toward not... I did not really enjoy the one summer league I was in (2 summers ago, before my surgery.)

Time for me to get back on my comic box reorganization project.

Picked up some canna starts, and planted most of them. Will plant the last ones tomorrow.

time to feed the fishies, pull the laundry upstairs, and head to the Dreaming.

(speaking of which, I want to see a MLP version of The Endless.)


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