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I am going to be heading to some old stomping grounds at the end of this month for a few days. Going to be heading to Kansas City, 26-28 April, to help the KC office of OUTFRONT Media with archiving some old stuff. (Former boss, Heidi, is coming from Phoenix to do it.)

I actually left KC in 2000, so even before I started here on LJ. However, the icon I'm using for this post was taken there. I've passed through a couple times, and even visited Mama Miki's grave, but this will be the first time I've been there for longer than a couple hours.

Planning on heading over on Sunday, checking in and doing something Sunday night, working Monday and Tuesday, and heading back after work on Tuesday. [ profile] javarod may be coming with me. Unsure if he can get off Sunday night. I don't think he's ever been there. Not that we'll be able to do much if he does, since it will be a 'working not-really-vacation' for me.

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Thursday, 16 August 2012 22:45
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I really need to get more active here on LJ again. I will admit I've been on FaceBook and it just seems to suck the time.

I've been a bit depressedfor the past week or so. nothing major, just hard to get myself to actually do anything. Sit and read/watch TV. Even though I want to do other stuff (like try to learn some jewelry making, specifically earrings and chain maille ) [and yes, being a bit lazy with the links.] I actually helped out a friend with chain mail back in the mid 90s, while living in Kansas City. I had a nice (heavy) chain mail vest that ended up getting stolen. :( Still have a bracelet.

about the most productive I've been lately at home has been wikipedia. been editing a bit more lately there than have for awhile.

Seph has been sleeping a lot lately, especially the past couple days. ( it almost sorta feels like he's avoiding me a bit.) several nights he's gotten up right about the time I've been going to bed. [though I know that's mostly the depression]

Speaking of Kansas City, there are a couple openings at the CBS Outdoor office there. This one is basically the job I do it that office. There are also a couple of sales positions that were posted today. Feel free to ask me about the job.


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