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Wednesday, 5 July 2017 23:13
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 Let's see: 
We've added a new player in our Monday night Pathfinder gaming. He has a previous relationship with another player, and it definitely shows. I assume it wasn't a particularly bad breakup, since they come in the same car. They do tend to get each other annoyed occasionally. Our characters leveled up to 5th level on Monday, which means I need to do dome more work with PCGen.

Duncan DaHusky is doing a month long road trip / vacation around the west half of US and Canada. He will be in StL at the end of the month, Staying with Rama. Who I know I've met, but can't place. And he seems to be living here in Florissant. Would be odd / funny if he is in the same neighborhood as we live in. Maybe that might help get Seph out of the house some?

There is a Titan Arum getting ready to flower at the MO Botanical Garden sometime soon. I do want to get down there for it. I want to get down there in general.

I went to Cardinals game on the 4th, since we had 2 tickets left that no one else claimed. I almost didn't get to enter Busch Field. I had taken my nurse with me, and since it more of a 'backpack' than a purse, the first gate I went to refused to do the security check on it. Wandered around a bit outside, and decided to try a different gate before heading back home. Since it was after the start of the game, and it wasn't currently busy on people entering, the guy at the second gate I tried looked at it. And took the time to explain the reasoning. Basically, he said that women's purses are mostly one large compartment, and they can just look in, whereas my nurse has several outside compartments... I still think it is more of a useless / sexist distinction, but next time I go down, I will be sure not to take my murse.

more to write, but falling asleep, so will try  to do more tomorrow


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