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Last night, Seph and I went downtown to see Barenaked Ladies at the Peabody Opera House.  Very nice interior. Not quite as opulent as the Fox Theater, but still quite nice! Won tickets through 106.5 The Arch WARH.

In August, Family Arena is going to be having an 80s tour playing, including Men Without Hats and Howard Jones! Definitely want to see that! Unfortunatley, we no longer get tickets for Family Arena at work as part of trade agreements. I will have to see how the timing works for Seph and work.

And last but not least, also in August (HOPEFULLY not the same day!) total solar eclipse!!
I am going to try to head down to Alto Pass (Bald Knob to be precise) for it, to be able to see the Moon's shadow sweep across from the height.
Also, I hear that there is supposed to be a outdoor music festival in Marion, with Ozzy Osbourne headlining, and performing during the actual eclipse... Personally, I will take the view.
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Well,today ended up changing our original plans:

I was able to get two tickets to the Jason Aldean concert tonight through work, and [ profile] javarod is taking off tonight (since he is working overnight @ WalMart now), and he thought might as well have me take of today, and us go down to Six Flags. So I scheduled the day off, then we realize that Six Flags is now on fall schedule, i.e. only open on the weekends.
So we ended using a Deal Chicken and going over to the Cahokia Mounds State Park, and doing the walking tours. fun, but not the best of days for it… He is now taking a nap before we head down to the concert. I took quite a few pictures that will eventually be uploaded somewhere. Probably. I am also thinking of going to the September Solstice at the Woodhenge, next month.

Next week, I am taking off Wednesday–Tuesday for Mephit Fur Meet. Unfortunately, Seph won't be able to go down with me, due to his work. I'm going to be staying with Semi (from Monday Night Gaming). But we all know how I am in crowds. So, anyone else going? (which reminds me, I do need to get started on my packing… Something to do this weekend! I am also going to be taking quite a few comics down for the Charity Auction. So I need to get them all together. Mostly several runs of comics that we no longer want, or are duplicated between the two of us.)
I'm planning on joining the convoy down to the convention with several other furs. Driving BlueBoy, probably by myself, so if anyone needs some extra room for stuff they're taking, I can probably fit it in. However, my ride home will be taking a different route. Going to be swinging by Mom's for her birthday. Then going to take a slightly longer way home from her place (through Cape Girardeau) so I can check the Electric Meters on 4 of our signs (for work, So I may be able to get some gas reimbursement!! :)

Oh, and for anyone wondering: while we are somewhat close to #Ferguson, we have not been affected by the uprisings / rioting / looting. I am actually closer to where much of it has been happening at work that our house.


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