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OK, right now, I am reading [ profile] Goldfur's MLP stories, Specifically "Quantum Gallop" in the House of Path series. and loving it!! I have always enjoyed his writing in his Chakat universe, and this is just as good.
I get so caught up in reading it, I have been quite late to work a time or two.

I need to start setting a timer when I begin reading.

I also need to get myself organized in more ways than one. As mentioned previously, I was breaking down my long boxes of comics into short boxes, both for the space, and because some of the long boxes are probably over twenty years old, and show their age. I.....have not done any of that for quite awhile. Months probably in fact...
And new comics are building up.
and my side of the computer room is building up...

I mean to do something about it, and get distracted.... I plan on working on something when I get home from work, and end up doing something else. I plan on doing it on the weekends, and end up spending more time on my out of home errands, and getting home to late to do it.

I'm thinking of working with a bullet journal type planner, to try to get myself somewhat more organized.
I bought a Taschenbegleiter and Hobonichi Techo last year, and was going fairly strong for awhile, but have dropped off severely over the past couple weeks.
As Brad Dowdy [ profile] dowdyism said somewhere on his website (or maybe the podcast?) with the pre printed / dated planner, if you miss a few days, it leaves so much blank it feels odd. If you miss a few days or weeks in a Bullet Journal, you can just make a note, and start on the next blank page.

Oh well, I can always start once again.

Date: Wednesday, 19 April 2017 04:20 (UTC)
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Read the summary for "Quantum Gallop" and it sounds interesting. I might have a wee read when I finish work today. I'm always looking for good fics to read. :)


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