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Friday, 5 October 2007 21:44
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When taking the scooter KYMCO scooterto work, I go down 24th St. It crosses under the morning incoming flight path of Sky Harbor Airport. (in the morning, planes come in from the west, and take off towards the east, reversed in the afternoon.) This is interesting, because it feels like the planes are only 20 feet overhead when they are coming in... I know they are a lot higher than that, but it is just wierd having them that low overhead...

I am really looking forward to being made permanent at CBS Outdoor. I am enjoying the job quite a bit. From what I remember of reading the draft of the job description Heidi showed me, I would be using Excel quite a bit more than I am now. I am going to have to find a Windows keyboard that has the = sign on the number pad, and submit for them to buy it. It would be so much easier to have it over there, rather than having to use the one on the main keyboard. (I have started using Excel rather than calculator, manually keying in equations, while figuring out percentage rent.)

I’m thinking that Jos’s idea of both of us doing expediting may actually go through. I’m starting to look into classes to get my CDL. I’m thinking that we would want to sign on with a fleet operator for awhile, to make sure we can both handle the job. Jos is thinking more along the lines of buying our van or straight truck outright first, and if it doesn’t work out, selling it...

Either way, we will want to be forming a corporation, I think. I’m going to need to be researching this quite a bit. We are thinking of basing either in southern Illinois (where my family is) or Pennsylvania (where his family is.) So I need to research both of those, along with AZ (where we are now.) We would probably form here, and move it later.
We are planning on just living in the van/truck, not having an apartment. Need to figure out mail and similar stuff (voting). I have actually had a few dreams about this job.

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Saturday, 25 August 2007 09:42
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Well, it sounds like the scooter that was stolen last year may have been recovered. Jos got a call from the Coconino County Sheriff’s office about a recovered motorcycle. They left a voice mail, and when he called back, he couldn’t get a live person.
This is up in Flagstaff, so if it is in good condition, no idea how we would get it home...

I think I am going to ‘officially’ change branches of the credit union I go to.
We do have one just a couple blocks from us, but it is a ‘secure’ one i.e. you don’t see the tellers face to face. It is basically done as a drivethru, even though you are inside. The waits are always longer than reasonable IMO. I am going to go back to using the one on 44th st, as it is basically on my way home. (and since I finally got signed up for direct deposit, don’t have to worry about that.)

Time to wake up luv, see if he wants to go get brekkies.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2007 20:47
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Well, yet another temp assignment starts tomorrow.
This one is supposed to be a long term one, essentially a temp-to-perm opportunity.
(And since this is a definate, rather than an interview, I canceled an interview I had made earlier today. Maricopa Superior Court, Judicial Clerk Assistant. This was also a temp position, about 3 months.... It was a hard decision for me, because I really would like to get into the court system as an employee. But ultimately, at this point, we need the money coming in for sure.)

I have been getting close to depression about not having a job, and no money coming in. (the other night, when we were watching Red Dawn, I drank a bit, and the ending is sad enough I was able to give myself a good cry in the bedroom.

I hope we can get the Vino scooter fixed up. I would really rather ride it to work, instead of driving my car. The new job is only about 5 miles from home. It is over at 48th St and Thomas, CBS Outdoor. I will be doing something with the leases for the billboards.
For the Vino, I would be happy getting it running good, and a gas cap. (and ingnition key, rather than just kick starter.) The body panels are lower priority. I'm almost thinking of doing something like an Art Scooter to it.

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Saturday, 7 January 2006 19:52
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I took a spill from my scooter today. ouch.

luckily, was going fairly slow. was turning right into a gas station, and next thing I know, I'm lying on the ground on my right side. got a scrape on my elbow, knee and a pain on my lower chest, under the ribs. I was carrying my 'puter in a messenger bag on my back (I think that is what caused the pain on the chest, from landing on it) but luckily it is still working.

I am not looking forward to my daily sneezes tomorrow! OUCH!


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