Sunday, 19 June 2011 18:23
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concentration, I no has.

Lately, past few months or so, not really sure how long, I have been having problems keeping myself concentrating on stuff. Long term planning doesn't seem to hardly exist anymore.
Jos is much better at it than I am. He's got so many plans for his/our company(s). I can barely keep up.

(I've been mildly depressed for awhile, more or less. There's been days when feeling quite good, and days when it was a challenge to get out of bed. and of course, most of those days have been work days. I really wish I could find a different job. [and here's yet another place where I'm having problems keeping concentration going. for quite awhile, I was applying to jobs @ regularly, and even had several interviews. at this point, I don't remember when the last time I did an application there…] )

ETA: One of the best recent experiences regarding concentration:
I messed up Jos's birthday date a couple times. First thinking it was the 7th, and didn't quite get everything ready by the 7th, searching for a couple things, mentioned it to him that I was looking for something for him, and he pointed out his b'day is 19th, so 9 more days to get everything together…
Didn't get started again until Wednesday (because for some reason, I was thinking 17th... another fail).
sinished up, most of it (still need to get one thing)...

I'm sorry it wasn't better.

song I hear in my mind right now?
"I Was a Bad Boyfriend" by Pansy Division


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Wednesday, 24 January 2007 18:04
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I am starting to get depressed regarding job search...

I had a first interview @ Verizon Wireless yesterday. Basically, one where you take a computer test that determines if you get to continue in the process.
Nope, I didn't pass that...

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office: "...after careful evaluation of all factors we find that your background does not match the needs of our office. Consequently, any further application for a position with the Sheriff's Office is unlikely to be successful."
Basically, I read this as them turning me down because I was truthful about using marijuana approximately 35 times in the past.
(Not that I really WANTED to work for Sheriff Joe... But I don't really like being unemployed...)

Vault Cashier for Gila River Casino: got letter today that basically boils down to "Thanks, but no thanks." Though at least they don't say "Don't ever apply with us again." like the Sheriff.

Jos has been hacking lungs up quite a bit today.

It has been about 3 weeks since my last cigarette, I think.
There have been a few times when I really wanted one.


Friday, 27 October 2006 14:45
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The UTI interview went quite well, IMO.

I would be in charge of the Resource Center, reporting to the Education Manager. O.O
It doesn't sound like a full fledged library, which is good, as I am not really qualified for that. (And my School Library Media training was just a FEW years ago!!) I am going to have to dredge a lot of OLD training up from the basement of my brain, if I get this. (and if I do, the Librarian Technician certificate is going to go to the TOP of my Need to do list!)
Not much of a pay raise.

I should hear by middle of next week if I survive to the next level. :)

(And I REALLY have GOT to get myself some new icons!!)


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