Wednesday, 14 December 2016

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I can at least understand most of the rules of baseball. They are fairly straightforward and make sense in context. It is the game that I enjoyed the most when forced to play it in high school PE classes, even though I usually got stuck in the outfield. (Or did I choose to play the outfield because the ball rarely go hit out there?) At my job, we usually get a set of season tickets to the local sports teams, in trade for advertising, and I usually try to go see the Cards at least once a season.

American Football on the other hand… I get the basic rules, but some of the details will forever elude me. Of course, I don't really care to learn the detailed rules, because I find it a fairly boring game. Again, probably influenced by being forced to play it in PE classes, and always getting picked last.

One game that has stuck with me is bowling. Our school had hollow rubber bowling balls, which would lead to some hilarity when someone would always loft it and bounce it down the gym floor. After high school, I would bowl occasionally in college, but the first time I joined a league was when I lived in Kansas City in the 90s. Sure Happy It's Thursday league, which is still going strong. Somehow, I never got around to joining a league while living in Phoenix. Or maybe not so surprising, as I never really felt like I was at home in Phoenix. I've been in a league here in Saint Louis for the past 4 years, and even gotten my husband to join for the past two.


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