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I think I shall jump into this season of LJ Idol, in the Last Chance Idol cycle.
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In the garden, the standing stone has returned. The interns are excited. This is NOT groovy. (Reverend Mord)

Some of my earliest memories are of Annie's garden, which was on two sides of our property in Oakwood. The garden was probably at least an acre is size. A specific memory is eating fresh rhubarb stalks, and playing with the leaves, making houses out of them.
¶While Mom did take me to a Christian church (two of them in fact. I remember going to one in Oakwood itself, and a Nazarene church between Oakwood and Danville.) Christianity has never really taken in my psyche.

The next gardens I remember are my Great-Grandma Wisely's in Wayne City, and her daughter's Grandma Rose in McLeansboro. Ma Wisely's was a bit smaller than Annie's, but not by much, in my memory. No rhubarb (or standing stones) that I remember. Grandma Rose's was quite a bit smaller, especially as the years went on. The largest I remember it being was maybe 6'×10'. After Grandpa died, she didn't really do much gardening, but she did continue growing Castor Bean plants.
¶When I would stay with Grandma and Grandpa Rose for a few weeks during the summers while growing up, I would go to church with Grandma. The church where she went is gone now, but she and Grandpa are buried in the cemetery. Maybe I should plant a Castor Bean plant on her grave in memory?

In Cobden, we had a moderately large garden for a few years, I think before Mom and Dad divorced. I remember some type of vining plant, maybe cucumber? I remember homemade pickles fairly commonly. Corn and tomatoes. We had a blackberry patch also. After the divorce, Mom and I just went to a smaller flower garden south of the house, up the hill a bit. We also had forsythia bushes along the street, and a lilac bush in the front yard.
¶I did go to a couple of Christian churches in Cobden, but both were mainly to hang out with friends. My real religious experiences were by myself in the woods and fields north and east of our house. After learning about the Greek gods in English class, I did some self made worship of Athena.

Since graduating high school, I have not lived in one place long enough to make any type of garden. Most of them have been apartments anyway, with no outside ground space, though I have had a few potted plants, outdoor and indoor, both at home and work. Currently, I only have an orchid at work. Though we are now in a townhome, and have access to the ground for some planting. I spent much of today pulling out English Ivy from in front of our place. I'm hoping to get a bit of a flower garden going. With maybe some vegetables or fruit. However, since there are kids in the complex, it would probably not be a good thing to grow rhubarb or castor beans. (Though the local library does have a community garden…)
¶My current religious beliefs are odd and eclectic and changing. Animistic Pan(en)theistic Agnostic Apatheistic NeoPagan Humanist. Shinto. A bit of attraction to Shiva Nataraja, as the Lord of the Dance of Destruction. I do still feel honour for Athena. I also still feel a bit like I am trapped here in The City of Man, seeking a way to get back Inside The World

I would eventually sort of like to buy a house, and plant a garden. Get a colony of bees.
Eventually, I will die, and hopefully be returned to the soil, to nurture plants and animals.
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EggNog, the drink of the season. I didn't have much this year. A 12oz bottle back at the beginning of the season, like right after Thanksgiving, that I bought when we were doing grocery shopping. And I bought a half gallon a few days ago. (It's labeled as Pumpkin Eggnog, but I don't detect any real pumpkin flavour to it.) I should probably learn how to make it myself.

I'm starting to wear a watch again. I'd been using my cellphone for that, since the old one I had, I just had to push any of the buttons to bring up the time display. (and actually, the Instinct will do that also.) I've got a clip watch that I just need to get a new battery for, and it should be fine. It's a Mt. Dew watch, from one of their point contests a couple of years ago or so.

Got Mom's present sent off today, along with Jos's presents to his family. And cards to his family.

His uncle will be retiring from the Air Force at the end of January, and we are driving over to San Antonio, TX for the ceremony. We'll have a day free or so.

Grades for Fall semester have been released. I got an A in Criminal Procedure (surprised me!) and a B in Ethics, which is about what I was expecting. Mainly because most of the grade was based on writing assignments, and I am not a very good writer. though I will be trying to remedy that (again) this year.


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