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Liverwurst & Onion, mayonaise, mustard and pickles
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Well, we've switched to mostly CFLs for the apartment, and I've been biking to work fairly regularly. Plus I don't eat a lot of meat.

I have also tried to keep the discussion regarding Human Caused Climate Change open, because I think we are being railroaded into hideously expensive 'solutions' to something we are not currently affecting as much as some people think.
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The first church I remember going to was a Nazarene church, between Oakwood and Danville, then one in Oakwood. (I think the one in town was Nazarene.)
The first church I went to in Cobden was a Presbyterian church. Went for a couple years, then after a unit in 8th grade English, is sort of converted to Greek Paganism, specifically a devotee of Athena. Fairly seriously, for that age.
Then some older guys in high school invited me to their church, and to a bible study... which I went to. I will admit a large part of the reason I went was to be with them. »blushes« That was the First Baptist Church in Cobden. I eventually did get baptised in that church.
For awhile, I went to a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Anna, because my girlfriend's family went.

Probably about a year after I started college, I reverted back to my Pagan beliefs, which is pretty much where my beliefs currently are. Not specifically Greek Paganism, but just a general NeoPagan, like many people are just general Christian.

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I don't usually see these things, since I don't usually go through the home page. I normally just look at my friends groups.

My dad has always been rebuilding cars, as long as I can remember. Buying old cars, rebuilding and selling. (Hopefully at a profit, but I'm not sure if that really enters his mind much.)

I would help him, sometimes, a little bit, but I just was not all that interested in cars.

He ended up with an MG Midget at one point, and asked if I would like to help him restore it, and have it as my car when I got my license. "Sure."
I jokingly said I wanted every panel a different color. (front fenders, hood [bonnet], doors, rear fenders and trunk [boot]) He said sure, as long as I helped him paint it.

Before we got working on it, he traded it for a MG-B. That is the one I drove to school for my first year or so. (I would often drive my girlfriend at the time [Sandy] and her brother [Jeff] home after school. Yes, it was interesting having 3 ppl in a 2 seat car.)

After less than a year, he traded it for a Volvo.


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