WorldCon report

Thursday, 25 August 2016 22:38
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Well, I survived my first WorldCon!:)
Met [ profile] ferretthimself, [ profile] rowyn and [ profile] haikujaguar. Rowyn and Maggie were at the Furry meetup, along with several others (including at least a couple of other authors (Watts Martin and Tim Susman) who I need to look up. Dunno if they are on LJ or not.) Ferrett was signing his books at the same time as the meetup. (I got his autographs in the 3 'Mancer books, then headed to the meetup. I probably would have stuck around at the signing table and chatted a bit other than that. :)

Quite a few costumes were seen, including Rowyn @ the meetup. (I liked your dress!) I wore my horns pretty much the entire time I was at the convention center, and even a couple of nights on the bus back to where I was staying.

Got books signed by Ferrett, Robin Wayne Bailey (whom I used to live couple houses down from, and hung out with sometimes at the bar behind the houses, when I lived in KC), and George R.R. Martin [ profile] grrm, and several other Wild Cards authors. I missed getting signature from Larry Niven by two people. The last person he signed for was 2 in front of me. (His back was giving him problems.) Jerry Pournelle was signing at the same time as Ferrett and the furry meetup, so I skipped trying to get his autograph. Kurt Busiek's signing was canceled. so I ended up with 50% of the autographs I was looking to get. (Got a couple of CDs signed by Alexander James Adams, that I wasn't planning on getting. I enjoyed his concert!)

Went to some readings, including Ferrett, Robin, and David Gerrold (who read from an in progress work with Ctein, abut a major eruption of Kilauea which causes major tsunamis.)

Went to several other panels. Unfortunately, the panel on the Legion of Super-Heroes, the moderator never showed up. :(
Attended the WSFS Business Meetings Friday, Satyrday and Sunday, and even spoke once. (though my question was ruled out of order, it was brought up by someone else when it was in order…)

Didn't get to any of the filk circles, because I was to tired and had to take the bus back to where I was staying. If I was staying in the hotels, I would have gone for a bit. (The Marriott had an interesting elevator system. Doesn't have regular UP / DOWN buttons. It has a touchpad where you select the floor you are going to, and it tells you which elevator to take. When you get in the elevator, you don't have to push another button, it automatically stops where you selected. [dunno how it works if you get in the wrong one…])

Would be interesting to go to next year's WorldCon in Finland, but I think the only way that will happen is if we win a lottery. I'm thinking seriously about attending WorldCon 76 in San Jose (2018). Might be interesting to attend next year's NASFIC in San Jean, Puerto Rico.

WorldCon Ho

Wednesday, 17 August 2016 09:56
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♬ I'm going to WorldCon, WorldCon, KCMO ♬

Heading out on Amtrak tomorrow (Thursday) morning, getting into KC Union Station @2PM.
planning on taking Uber to the place I'm staying, rather than dealing with bus. (gonna have duffel bag of clothes and backpack of books for autographs.)

Authors I hope to get autographs from:
Robin Wayne Bailey
Ferret Steinmetz [ profile] theferrett
Kurt Busiek @kurtbusiek (Astro City collection and Autumnlands)
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
George R.R. Martin [ profile] grrm and other Wild Cards authors

Couple readings.
Attending several panels, obviously not running any. (I'll try to put up some of the ones I'm hoping to go to when I get home tonight.)
Planning on doing the WSFS Business Meetings.

Anyone want to meet up anytime?

I will be having phone and tablet with me, so should get any alerts.


Friday, 12 August 2016 22:43
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Well, need to start packing for WorldCon. Or at the very least planning on what I will be taking.

Books to take (for autographing):
One of my books by Robin Wayne Bailey. Probably the Brothers of the Dragon trilogy.
Flex and The Flux by [ profile] theferrett
One or two of the Wild Cards books. to get George R.R. Martin's autograph. Probably the first one or two. (maybe I should get a ticket to this…)

I don't think I will take my kilt and pirate shirt. Not sure if I would feel confortable taking the bus in a kilt. Plus I think it looks better with my boots, and not sure if I would want to be wearing my boots all day. my feet get sore if I wear them for too long. Maybe I need to get new insoles…

Will be taking my Grand Comics Database tshirt, and my Woot! tshirt with an astronaut watching the world end.


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