Tuesday, 15 December 2009 20:54
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Well, last week, I went back to visit family, back in southern Illinois. I left Saturday, 5 December @ about 9am MST, and got to my Mom's place @ 0030 Monday Morning. I drove my car, mostly because I don't like flying.
Stayed at Mom's.
Monday, we visited Mona and Bob (Mom's sister and her husband) and later Delores (Wade's wife).
Tuesday, I visited Dad and Jane down in Cobden. (Cobden has changed a lot since I lived down there!)
Wednesday, Mom and I visited with Wade and Dee some more, then went up to McLeansboro and visited with Grandma Rose, Sheila and Bethany.
Thursday, I left Mom's place, and headed up to visit my cousin David Murdach, and his wife and 6 month old baby Benjamin Owen Murdach. I took my time, and got to their place right about sundown.
I gave baby Ben a couple of Ma Wisely's quilts. One a small baby quilt,and one a full sized mule quilt. The baby quilt is actually the only one of her quilts I know of that is embroidered, rather than peicework/patchwork quilts. (I actually forgot to get a picture of the quilts I gave Dave. I'll have to ask him if he can take pictures of them for me.) I stayed with them Thursday night, and headed for home Friday morning. Drove to Oklahoma City Friday, then on o Flagstaff Saturday, then on home Sunday.

On the way out there, at one point my car was averaging 35.1mpg! Then I ran into rain, and it started going down. My average speed for the whole trip was 60mph.

On Thursday, before heading out, I went to a couple cemeteries in southern Illinois. Bethlehem and Webb cemeteries, were most of Mom's family that has passed are buried; Grandpa Lowery and a couple uncles in Bethlehem and Grandma Lowery and her family in Webb.
One thing that I learned on this trip, was that Sheila had actually met Mable.

On the way from David's to Oklahoma City, I stopped in Kansas City to visit Miki's grave, at the Johnson County Memorial Garden cemetery. There was a BIG funeral going on at the time I was there.

I got a lot of Ma Wisely's quilts that had been in storage. I'll have to post pictures of them sometime.
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Was going to eat @ Denny's for Brekkies, then looked at the free breakfast here. Eating here. :)

car is getting about 34mpg highway! :) was able to make it from Tempe all the way to outskirts of ABQ on 1 tank! and by how much I put in, still had about 1gal left!

on milemarker 108 in New Mexico, west of ABQ, saw a semi tractor (bobtailed) giving out LOTS of white smoke from stack. looking in rearview, when it looked like he was exiting, ALL I could see on that side of highway was a cloud of smoke!

Not gonna cut the refill that close again. Mapped out on some fuel stops on the way to Mom's. Need to pick up a road atlas @ first stop.

Visiting Bethany and Grandma on Wednesday. Up to Pittfield Thursday night to visit with David Thursday/Friday, then homeward bound. Thinking of stopping by Kansas City, to visit Miki's grave. Haven't fully decided that yet.
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Well, stayed in Amarillo TX last night. at the Quality Inn - airport. Nice place for an overnight stay.

Last time through western New Mexico was at night. There are some BEAUTIFUL cliffs on either side of I40!


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