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I have shot a rifle before. Long ago. I think even before we moved to Cobden. I even owned one, I even still have the stock of it, but somewhere in my (too) many moves, I seem to have lost the barrel.

With all that is going on in the USA recently, I am wanting to pick up a new one, and officially get training in use and care of it. (Yes, it is usually the Republicans who tend to do that type of stuff, because they are afraid of “Liberals taking away their guns!” with gun control. When really, most people in the country just want it so that the people who have guns know how to use them safely. At least that is how it seems to me.)

I already have a friend who has bought a shotgun for self-protection / home-protection, and he is probably one of the most ‘Liberal’ people I know, at least probably according to most of the current Christian Dominionist Republicans. The ones who would gladly take away his and my rights to even exist.

Somehow, I think that my fear of being erased from existence is closer to reality under the present administration / regime than their fear of having their guns taken away by the previous administration.
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last chance idol

This is a bit of a test.
Ink: Diamine Imperial Purple
Pen: TWSBI Eco
Paper: Field Notes "Pitch Black" Fourth printing


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