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As of Sunday, 02 November 2014, my Average is 128, with a Handicap of 87. Sunday's series was 129, 113, and 121, so my average will probably be going down a pin or 2.
I think there are a few locals who read this… We would like one more member on the team. Sunday nights @ Tropicana Lanes in Clayton. Let me know if you would be interested.
Thinking of getting ourselves legal here in MO. Somewhat thinking of just doing a civil ceremony again, at the Hazelwood Court, if they would be willing. Or a pagan, if anyone knows of any local pagans who can do it.

I bought an orchid at Aldi back in the summer, and took it to work. The final flower has finally dropped. It is doing pretty good, thinking of repotting it sometime soon.

In D&D news, Monday Night Gaming has started a new campaign, run by Kane. I'm playing a Bariaur Cleric. I originally had him as Cleric of Elhonna (one of the nature gods) but I think I may ask Kane if I can change to Shiva. (unfortunately, I don't think Shiva has ever been adapted into D&D officially, though there have been other Hindu gods…)
Now to see if I can get a commission of him. :)
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Well, i did a little bit of 'gardening' today. Or as much as one can do when we live in a small apartment.

bought some potting soil, banana pepper, zucchini, and marigold plants, and some coconut fiber batting for my square hanging planter.

I'm hoping to get some peppers from the banana pepper plant. I truly love them, or at least I think I do. I seem to remember them from when we lived in Oakwood, and had a truly large garden. I haven't seen them for LOOONG time. I thought they might have been Anaheim peppers, but those are hotter than what I remember. (Though I will eat Anaheims raw. They aren't that hot, usually.)

While I am hoping to get some zucchini, what I am really wanting is more of a living screen, when the vines grow through the railing. Maybe Jos will learn how to cook with zucchini flowers. :)

Marigold, for color and insect repellant.

This is in addition to my spider plant that is doing quite well lately, even putting out a runner! When that little plant gets roots, I'm hoping to root it and take it to work. (Actually, when it starts getting hot, I may transplant it into a normal pot, rather than the current hanging one, and take it in to work.) this is the plant I got not too long after moving out here. I had it in the Albertson's office, and several people took babies off it.

I also have a fairly large aloe plant, that I rescued from our apartment complex on 12th St, when they tore a lot out.

All but the spider plant state that they take full sun for >6 hours a day. Since our balcony faces west, they will get it! Just have to remember to water them regularly!

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Sunday, 8 March 2009 20:41
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I've been reading Ursula Vernon's LJ for quite awhile now, and she's been talking about her new reef tank lately. That's got me thinking more seriously about getting my own aquarium. I wouldn't be doing anything quite as advanced as she is. She is doing a micro-reef tank. What I would be doing is a freshwater tank, most probably more focused on plants, rather than fish.


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