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Last night, Seph and I went downtown to see Barenaked Ladies at the Peabody Opera House.  Very nice interior. Not quite as opulent as the Fox Theater, but still quite nice! Won tickets through 106.5 The Arch WARH.

In August, Family Arena is going to be having an 80s tour playing, including Men Without Hats and Howard Jones! Definitely want to see that! Unfortunatley, we no longer get tickets for Family Arena at work as part of trade agreements. I will have to see how the timing works for Seph and work.

And last but not least, also in August (HOPEFULLY not the same day!) total solar eclipse!!
I am going to try to head down to Alto Pass (Bald Knob to be precise) for it, to be able to see the Moon's shadow sweep across from the height.
Also, I hear that there is supposed to be a outdoor music festival in Marion, with Ozzy Osbourne headlining, and performing during the actual eclipse... Personally, I will take the view.

Song Meme

Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:51
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blame [ profile] javarod for this. though he did get if from someone else, etc…

Join in, its easy, just turn on shuffle on your iTunes or other music software or your music player, and list the first twenty-five songs it plays. Here's mine, eclectic, ain't it?

Song Title Artist Album/CD YEar

I Got The Message Men Without Hats Collection 1982
Paradise Ana Serrano van der Laan Paradise - Single of the Week 2008
Only if We're Dancin Ben Araiza Feat. Tina Khalil Only if We're Dancin 2006
Antarctica Men Without Hats Collection 1980
Walking On Sunshine Katrina & The Waves Katrina & The Waves 1985
Pee Shy Pansy Division Wish I'd Taken Pictures 1996
Superman Sex Life Boogie Julia Ecklar Mr. Smith Goes to the Hospital 2008
Get A Move On! Mr. Scruff Keep It Unreal (10th Anniversary Analogue Remaster Edition) 2009
Radio Nowhere Bruce Springsteen Radio Nowhere - Single 2007
What You Need INXS The Best Of INXS 1985
Celebrity Brad Paisley Mud On The Tires 2003
Thirteen Vixy & Tony Thirteen 2008
Killer / Papa Was A Rollin' Stone George Michael Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best Of George Michael 1998
Symphony No. 3 in C minor, Op. 78, "Organ": II. Allegro moderato - Presto - Allegro moderato - Presto - Allegro moderato - Imrich Szabo I Love the 80s, Vol. 1 (1880s) 2009
Puss 'n Boots Adam Ant Antics In The Forbidden Zone 1983
Pocahontas Proud Gretchen Wilson Here For The Party 2004
Tumse Milke Dil Ka (from Main Hoon Na) Abhijeet Saavn Celebrates Bollywood 2009
Star People 97 George Michael Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best Of George Michael [Disc 2] [Japan] 1998
Dead Sound The Raveonettes Lust Lust Lust 2008
Draw Down the Moon Three Weird Sisters Hair Of the Frog 2004
Evangeline Little Big Town A Place To Land 2008
Wash It Left Lane Cruiser Alive Records 2009 Sampler 2009
Fury Little Big Town A Place To Land 2008
Web of Light Heather Alexander Shadow Stalker: Songs of Vanyel's Time 1994
Grab A Hold (Album Version) Cyndi Lauper Bring Ya To The Brink [Explicit] 2008


Sunday, 30 August 2009 09:49
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 Well, I had fun last night. :)
Well, if not fun, at least interesting, but it was enjoyable. (and I think I have confused myself…)

I finished up a project that languished on my hard drive for much to long.
Back in September 2005, when we lived up on Angela Drive (I think) I started a project of transferring cassettes over to digital. I finished one at that time. (Lunacy by Lunacy which I don't expect anyone reading this to have heard of. Lunacy was a gay pagan duo in the early 1990s. I don't remember exactly when or where I got the cassettes, but I assume it was while I was living in Kansas City, since from the info on the cassettes they were based there, and that was during my more active pagan period.)
During September 2005, I had also pulled Hand of Desire by Lunacy onto computer, one AIFF file per side. And that is as far as I got at that point. Yesterday, I downloaded Amadeus and Audacity to finish up Hand of Desire. I ended up using Audacity for most of it. Mostly because Audacity is an Open Source program (and thus free.) It worked quite well, especially when I figured out how to do pull off all the songs on a side at once, rather than doing it one at a time. (Yeah, the first side I was doing each song separately.)
(This is the best link I can find online for Lunacy [about halfway down the page.] The Last.FM link on the Google search is info I put in there…)

In other news, I did not get the Indianapolis job I had been (sorta) hoping for. They ended up hiring a local lady for it. So I shall keep with this job for now, and keep sending out resumes for other jobs.

Pansy Division

Thursday, 7 May 2009 21:13
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Whee!! I get to see Jon Ginoli (of Pansy Division) 2X this weekend!

The first is Saturday night, down in Tucson, at The Loft Cinema, where he will be at a showing of Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band! The showing is at 7PM, so I will be heading down about 3PM or so, probably.
(Though I am not looking forward to the drive back up here after the show.)

Then Sunday, he will be doing a reading of his book at Borders Books here in Phoenix.


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