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Well, This has been a fairly productive weekend, at least somewhat. ;)

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, we've been using the 2d bedroom as a library. And yes, I have enough books that this is useful. We had enough bookcases to fully line the walls, except for a small 2 foot gap under one of the windows, which I had set up as a small altar.
Yes, was. We moved 4 of the book cases into our bedroom (along with the altar). This is all of one wall, and one from the wall with the window/altar. We still have a total of 5 bookcases in there, in addition to 2 metal shelving units (holding some of my comic boxes and manga/graphic novels) in the closet. The reason for this moving is that Seph has invited a chakat to move in with us, and he will be arriving in St. Louis next weekend. As far as I know, he has been made aware that the room he's going to be in has book cases. He has his bed set up as a loft, with his 'puter stuff under it, so hopefully everything will be working out OK.
I've talked to him a bit on IM, but don't remember if I mentioned this.
I still need to clear out several boxes of stuff that have been sitting in there.
We've been looking at townhomes for out next place. 2 bedrooms upstairs, living / kitchen on ground floor, and a half finished basement, den / laundry room. This would probably be where the library would be. Along with 'puters, maybe.

I contacted a Craigslist poster this morning, regarding a leather office chair they had (or maybe fake leather. they weren't sure). HEard back from them about 3, saying that they still had it, and no-one had confirmed anything. They gave me their address.
I didn't see the email right away. When I did, I told them I was heading down right then, and I should be there in about a half hour. I included my phone #, so that they could let me know if it was gone before I got down there.
Took a bit longer than I expected to get there, but nobody calls. find the apartment, but no chair out back.
Knock on the door, no answer, other than dogs.
Send an email (from phone) letting them know I was there. Thinking they may have taken it in due to approaching storm.
Knock some more. Still only answered by dogs.
Guess someone else picked it up before I got there.
I'm just a bit annoyed that they didn't  answer the door, to let me know someone already got it. Nor reply to my email. (Still haven't received a reply to it.)
Oh well.

I'm thinking of shaving my head, and trimming beard quite a bit.
<a href="" title="2 yeard ish"><img src="" title="Hosted by" alt="2 yeard ish"/></a> Haven't fully decided yet. I really do need to do something with both hair and beard. Beard hasn't been trimmed at all in >2 years. Though maybe just conditioning / oiling it might help a bit.
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Well, something I've wanted for a few years has come to pass.

I will be transfering to the St. Louis CBS Outdoor office, effective 23 Jan 2011! :) I've joked with mgt that they should fire the person in St. Louis, and send me out there… Not quite what happened, but close.

I will be going out by myself first, with pretty much just basics: clothes, cat, computer. Jos will come out after our current lease end.

anybody on friends list have a spare room I could rent for a few months, until Jos gets out, and I find a permanent place. Obviously, I want to learn the city more before I decide exactly where I want to live permanently…

Can't wait to see family!

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Saturday, 23 May 2009 10:53
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big stuff is in new apartment.
Exhausted, and blistered fingers.

shower is needed, then off to get some brekkies.

We don't get Direct TV until Thursday, so will be missing the LAnd of the Lost marathon on SciFi Monday. :P (The trailers for the movie I've seen look very funny. (though having MArshall, Will and Holly not be related will take some getting used to..)

Currently posting from the apartment complex's business center.
Gonna pick up DSL modem today, see if our Qwest service is active yet, or if that has to wait thill Thursday also.
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It is moving time again.
getting out of a beat up / run down place to a (hopefully) better place.

I really dislike moving. And yet, I/we have done it HOW many times?



Saturday, 24 March 2007 20:57
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well, Jos & I moved the first 2 loads to the new apt, @ 15th st & Highland.

we ended up on 2nd floor again. (didn't I swear last time that never again would I move to a 2nd floor apt.?)

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Monday, 27 March 2006 23:43
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I really HATE moving.

We now have all our stuff down in the new apartment. Now we come to the next stage, getting everything put away. *sighs*
right now, everything is piled up in the living room.

my feet hurt.
I have climbed up and down the stairs at the old apartment innumerable times over the past 3 days.

I did something to a couple of my fingers.
my right pointer finger is sore.
my left ring finger, the middle part is swollen and bruised looking, but I don't remember doing anything to it. And I just noticed it after our last load into new apartment.

I think I am going to collapse into bed now.
sweet dreams everyone!

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Tuesday, 7 March 2006 21:45
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well, we have found a nice apt, that we think we will move to.

620 N 2nd Ave.

looks like it is a converted hotel. Nice 1br apt.
Though it will be quite a drive for me...

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Monday, 6 March 2006 09:09
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I really do not like moving.
Our lease on this place was 6-month, up at the end of this month.

Jos found a place more downtown, about equal distance from both our jobs, and we put in application, which was approved. $800 for a studio apt.

I was looking at Apartment Ratings and the complex is on there. In fact, it is the one with the most reviews... a lot negative. Now, I take the reviews with a large grain of salt, but with that many negative, for years, many of them stating similar issues, makes me think twice and even thrice.

Jos looked up a couple apartments on Craig's List , so I get to go look at them today.

I came across the following memish thing, on a link from a friend of friend.
The TV Guide cover for my birthday.

moving redux

Monday, 17 October 2005 05:12
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2:16 am MST Monday morning, 17 October 2005 CE
mood: awake

Well, we are mostly moved in. which means we have to move on to the 2nd phase of moving, the unpacking... :p
I truly can't complain too much, since Jos did way more than his fair share of the move-in. *skritchiehugs*
Since the original plan was to be moving in later, I took the last week of the month off, October 27-31. My normal days off are now Tuesday and Wednesday, and I work Sundays and Satyrdays by myself, so it take quite a bit of negotiation for me to take weekends off, because someone has to cover the Scan Hotline those days.
Jos borrowed a delivery van from his workplace for the weekend, so he ended up doing a lot of the moving while I was at work Sat and Sun. Not all of it, but a lot. So only fair that I do most of the unpacking over the next 3 days... (took today off.)

Of course, the moving in I did pointed out to me just how out of shape I am... We are back on the 2nd floor (even though at one point I swore I was not going to be above ground floor again...) and I got SO worn out carrying stuff up stairs... More than Jos.

The complex we've moved into includes a small fitness center which I plan on using regularly. (looking at myself in the mirror, sometimes I wonder what he sees in me.) Along with the swimming pool. We currently are on a 6 month lease (new management at the complex) so I am going to set myself a goal. I want to lose the potbelly and manboobs before our lease is up. Quitting smoking would be good too.

I have an appointment with dentist on Tuesday. first time I've been to one in > 3 years. If I'm going to start working out, I should also see a doctor...

in the famous words of Uncle, "One more thing!"
Had a dream, that woke me up earlier.
my PE teacher from High School, Mr. Hargis,, was teaching a classroom class. (health, maybe?) and was upset at me for using some type of pre-done form for some assignment.
leading me to think my mind wants me posting some of my workout stuff here.
I also need to get a playlist together, so I can use Jos's iPod shuffle while working out. I should probably get a current photo of myself soon, for comparison purposes.


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