Wednesday, 7 January 2015 21:20
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Lets have a rundown of what I do with myself:
Work: OUTFRONT Media (formerly CBS Outdoor) Billboard company. Saint Louis Real Estate (Assistant). The short description of my job is that I make sure our lessors get their rent. I also deal with anything related to the property and sign structures (real estate taxes, electricity accounts, business licenses) though once it gets to the actual physical sign structure, I usually have to pass it on to Operations (damage to the structure, lights out, ad vinyl loose or missing). I don't have anything to do with actually selling the ads on the boards, other than letting the sales people know what our rent for specific boards is.
In general, I would say I am content in the job. The times I really enjoy it are when I have to research something about the property or owners. Something I really wasn't supposed to do when I was in Phoenix. I am basically at the other end of my Phoenix job. I do the research, figure out what needs to be done, and if it involves a change to the lease information in the database, I send it to my replacements in Phoenix.

Speaking of which! If anyone reading this lives in Phoenix (I think some of you do?) and you are looking for an office job (or know of anyone who is looking for a job) the Phoenix office is hiring. Unfortunately, links to the jobs don't work well. Best way is to go to, scroll down to the bottom and click on the CAREERS link, which takes you to for Outfront Media. (I presume this is some sort of general job site that lots of companies use, as when we were part of CBS Corporation, all CBS positions were visible, from on air talent for both radio and TV stations to editors with Simon & Schuster…) Anyway, search for the city you're in and see if there are any jobs. Phoenix currently has 2 Lease Admin positions listed (one bilingual), but from talking to my admin there, they are really looking to hire at least 3 people, possibly more. Let me know, and I can probably give you some contact info.

Anyway, didn't mean to go off on that tangent…
other stuff I do…
I'm in a Bowling League Sunday nights, HeadPins @ Tropicana Lanes. My average is ~124.
I'm taking a Tai Chi class on Satyrdays at the YMCA in Maryland Heights, as well as an aqua-dance/fitness one on Thursday nights.
A lot of my reading has been forums and sites related to setting up my aquarium. Though I have read the Silo series by Hugh Howey, which I quite enjoyed.
I do quite a bit of catalogueing of comics @ the Grand Comics Database, and in fact recently won a seat on the board of directors. :)


Saturday, 24 May 2014 11:53
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I'm not even going to say it…

I've always enjoyed watching The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, and now that they are here in Saint Louis this weekend for Season 5, I plan on hitting at least one of them, hopefully 2! (though, it will be a bit of a spoiler for when the season starts airing… since they are already down to 4 competitors.)

rode my bike to work 2X this week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope to do it 3 or 4 times a week regularly while it's warm out. There is a locker room in the shop area, with a shower, so I can clean up before starting work. I think this will be my main route in to work. It adds a bit of distance versus going straight down Hanley, but the dogleg avoids a section of Hanley that doesn't have sidewalk going south. (Yes, much of the distance, I am riding on sidewalk…)

Did a road trip for work yesterday, to get the electric meter #s for several of our signs. Specifically to verify the meter# for one that has been showing no usage for a couple of years, and to get the # for one that is coming down soon. And yes, it is sort of scary that we have had a meter showing no usage for so long, and it hasn't been checked on yet. I am slowly working on adding the meter #s to our online Oracle db. Sometimes, I can get it from the location description on the bill, but some, well… x, 5mi w of HWY 61, sign, Wentzville MO doesn't help a lot, when there are none right there. Closest is 4 miles west or 5.5 miles…
One annoying thing: we get summary bill from Ameren MO (about 180 pages) and it is sorted by account #, which in general is a good way to do it. However, there are times that a list sorted by ZIP code would be very useful, and they have told me that they can't do that. :( Surely I'm not the only person in a company that would find that useful. Of course, most companies probably don't have nearly as many accounts as we do. Just typing that out, I also thought about asking them if I could get a printout of our accounts in METER order.
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Well, This has been a fairly productive weekend, at least somewhat. ;)

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, we've been using the 2d bedroom as a library. And yes, I have enough books that this is useful. We had enough bookcases to fully line the walls, except for a small 2 foot gap under one of the windows, which I had set up as a small altar.
Yes, was. We moved 4 of the book cases into our bedroom (along with the altar). This is all of one wall, and one from the wall with the window/altar. We still have a total of 5 bookcases in there, in addition to 2 metal shelving units (holding some of my comic boxes and manga/graphic novels) in the closet. The reason for this moving is that Seph has invited a chakat to move in with us, and he will be arriving in St. Louis next weekend. As far as I know, he has been made aware that the room he's going to be in has book cases. He has his bed set up as a loft, with his 'puter stuff under it, so hopefully everything will be working out OK.
I've talked to him a bit on IM, but don't remember if I mentioned this.
I still need to clear out several boxes of stuff that have been sitting in there.
We've been looking at townhomes for out next place. 2 bedrooms upstairs, living / kitchen on ground floor, and a half finished basement, den / laundry room. This would probably be where the library would be. Along with 'puters, maybe.

I contacted a Craigslist poster this morning, regarding a leather office chair they had (or maybe fake leather. they weren't sure). HEard back from them about 3, saying that they still had it, and no-one had confirmed anything. They gave me their address.
I didn't see the email right away. When I did, I told them I was heading down right then, and I should be there in about a half hour. I included my phone #, so that they could let me know if it was gone before I got down there.
Took a bit longer than I expected to get there, but nobody calls. find the apartment, but no chair out back.
Knock on the door, no answer, other than dogs.
Send an email (from phone) letting them know I was there. Thinking they may have taken it in due to approaching storm.
Knock some more. Still only answered by dogs.
Guess someone else picked it up before I got there.
I'm just a bit annoyed that they didn't  answer the door, to let me know someone already got it. Nor reply to my email. (Still haven't received a reply to it.)
Oh well.

I'm thinking of shaving my head, and trimming beard quite a bit.
<a href="" title="2 yeard ish"><img src="" title="Hosted by" alt="2 yeard ish"/></a> Haven't fully decided yet. I really do need to do something with both hair and beard. Beard hasn't been trimmed at all in >2 years. Though maybe just conditioning / oiling it might help a bit.


Thursday, 17 February 2011 20:24
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I've been coasting for the past few years.

The last time I really enjoyed job was while working for Albertsons. I was learning stuff, I felt like I was actually doing stuff. I was getting quite involved with barcode systems, and was pretty much the go-to person for coupon barcodes.

Current job at CBS, Lease Admin, I basically am doing the same thing month after month.
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Not feeling good today. stomach bit upset, headachey. should take some aspirin type stuff.

Had job interview Wednedsday, for a Judicial Clerk Assistant, in the Maricopa Juvenile Court. Would be 3 days at Mesa court, 2 at the Durango. I don't think went that well... Seemed a bit rushed, like they knew who they wanted, and were just going through the motions.

I'm fairly dissatisfied with current job. Oscar (my partner in SunBelt) got fired earlier this month, so I was running solo most of the month. they've hired a new person, so I get to work on training her.

I would really love to be able to get job back closer to family, but Jos's job(s) are really seeming to really start working out.


Thursday, 7 December 2006 19:25
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I now fully remember why I don't usually take vacations unless I have something specific planned.
I'm bored!
One can only browse job boards so long each day.
(have been applying to interesting jobs.) and I do have a job interview Monday! YEAH! Not one of the Safeway jobs that I think I would really like, or the state Librarian - Reader Advisor (2nd job down, sounds like I could do it!) The interview is for Circle K, as Price Book Coordinator. It sounds a lot like the Pricing Group at the Scottsdale office did. I was starting to pick that up, so I think I have a good shot at this.

Plans for tomorrow:
Find my SS card! (I know it is around the apartment somewhere... I am going to be needing it.)
Go to Phoenix College for Advisement appt. about getting into the ParaLegal program.
Clean bedroom.
Shave (not shaved in >1week).

Jos was mysterious Monday night (I think it was... The days are already blurring!) on where we were going. Ended up going down to the Phoenix Zoo for ZooLights. Was Fun and beautiful! We are GOING to have to go down there sometime during the day! Afterward, we stopped at Bill Johnson's steakhouse for supper. Good Food!

Tuesday, finally got some $2 bills again, at the US Bank branch downtown. (after Wells Fargo didn't have any Monday. They did have some of the Sacagawea dollar coins, so stocked up on them too.) I'm looking forward to the Presidential $1 coins. I'm not going to collect them, I'm going to USE them! I like using the $2, and $1 coin. (Though not the Susan B...)
Edit: to put in line breaks as it was showing as all run together...

Life and job

Monday, 23 October 2006 21:43
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Well, tomorrow, I have a phone interview with a local law firm, for a Records Clerk position. I mentioned in the cover letter that I wouldn't ba available until 2 Decemeber, so they must be able to wait until then.
She didn't seem to bat an eye when I requested basically the same pay I am currently making, so thinking should be asking for a bit more?

I have been coasting for way to long in my life. Albertsons job ending is probably going to be a good thing. A wake up call, that I need to start doing something else. (and yes, part of this is probably my annual depression over my birthday... I'm going to be 39 in less than a month, and what have I really done with my life? Jos is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! :)

2 things I would like to do within the next 2 years.
Go back to school, and get 2 certificates. Paralegal and Library Technician.
(I don't think at this point I have financial ability to get into a Masters degree program for Library Science, plus the fact that the closest one is in Tucson.)
Get a new car. Or maybe a 150cc scooter. The Kia is a 1999 model, and I bought it in Nov 99, so it was a leftover.

One good thing, if I do happen to get the Records Clerk position, it is just up the street from current address. Central and Thomas. So even if I don't get quite what I make now, being that close will make up the difference in gas savings. Hell, I could walk or bike to/from work over the winter, and get myself in a bit better shape than I am now!

Of course, this is just a phone interview, and my first real interview in a LONG time... so... who knows...


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