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Thursday, 16 August 2012 22:45
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I really need to get more active here on LJ again. I will admit I've been on FaceBook and it just seems to suck the time.

I've been a bit depressedfor the past week or so. nothing major, just hard to get myself to actually do anything. Sit and read/watch TV. Even though I want to do other stuff (like try to learn some jewelry making, specifically earrings and chain maille http://www.jewelry-making-how-to.com/chain-maille-jewelry.html#axzz23loL7UBX ) [and yes, being a bit lazy with the links.] I actually helped out a friend with chain mail back in the mid 90s, while living in Kansas City. I had a nice (heavy) chain mail vest that ended up getting stolen. :( Still have a bracelet.

about the most productive I've been lately at home has been wikipedia. been editing a bit more lately there than have for awhile.

Seph has been sleeping a lot lately, especially the past couple days. ( it almost sorta feels like he's avoiding me a bit.) several nights he's gotten up right about the time I've been going to bed. [though I know that's mostly the depression]

Speaking of Kansas City, there are a couple openings at the CBS Outdoor office there. This one is basically the job I do it that office. https://t.co/8sjLX1sw There are also a couple of sales positions that were posted today. Feel free to ask me about the job.
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Well, something I've wanted for a few years has come to pass.

I will be transfering to the St. Louis CBS Outdoor office, effective 23 Jan 2011! :) I've joked with mgt that they should fire the person in St. Louis, and send me out there… Not quite what happened, but close.

I will be going out by myself first, with pretty much just basics: clothes, cat, computer. Jos will come out after our current lease end.

anybody on friends list have a spare room I could rent for a few months, until Jos gets out, and I find a permanent place. Obviously, I want to learn the city more before I decide exactly where I want to live permanently…

Can't wait to see family!

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"LOVE" is one of the prototypical "3 Little Words".

Most of us probably utter 3 word phrases containing "love" several times a week:
"I love SciFi."
"I love gaming."
"I love my job."
"I love my family."
"I love cheese."
"I love pickles."
"I Love You, You Love Me"
EEEP! Get the Barney song out of my head!
What's scary, is that I am nowhere near the Barney Generation. I had graduated college by the time Barney made his national debut. I have no kids, and usually don't want any. I've never had close friends who have kids of the appropriate age… So where did my dislike of Barney (more specifically, his song) come from?

When I worked at Osco Drugs, most years every store would get a shipment of whatever the buyer thought would be THE big seller for Christmas. Sometimes, they hit the mark, and we would sell out of whatever it was shortly after it was put out on the sales floor, leading to almost 2 months of saying: "I'm sorry ($APPROPRIATE CUSTOMER GENDER), we sold out of (ITEM X) last month.…No, we will not be getting any more in, it was a one time special shipment…No, I am not going to call around to our other stores AGAIN to see if any of them still have them, we've already done that for 50 other customers over the previous 3 weeks…I'm sorry that you are desperate enough to be buying your kid's Christmas present at a drugstore, 2 days before Christmas, but I really do not know where you might be able to buy (ITEM X), nor do I really care, as I have no kids…"
OK, yeah, the last part of that is a bit exaggerated from what I actually told any customers, but I SOOOOO wanted to tell some of them that! (Anyone who has worked retail around the holidays, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!)

Then there were the items that didn't hit it big, and sat around the store well past Christmas. These always seemed to be noise makers of some sort.
One year, it was Big Mouth Billy Bass. Luckily, by the time it made it out of the seasonal aisle to our 'Clearance area', all the batteries were dead.
I was not so lucky with a singing Barney, however. (And yes, one of my usual work areas was close enough to hear Barney singing every time a kid walked by and hit the button and shrieked in laughter.) Hearing that song, in that particular Barney voice, several times a day, every day, for several months… yeah, I'm not surprised most of the parents were smart enough not to give in to their brats and get the toy…

Actually, aside from stuff like that, I pretty much enjoyed my time working in the retail sector. During most of my time @ Osco, I wasn't primarily a cashier. Some of the other jobs I did were Photo Department Head (which included being in charge of the One-Hour Photo machine), Supervisor, and the one I enjoyed most, Scan Coordinator (being in charge of the pricing integrity for the store.) I eventually moved to the Albertsons Drug Division headquarters, where I helped stores across the country with scanning issues. I eventually ended up being trusted enough by our IT department to be allowed to recreate batches in a store's controller. The only person not involved in IT to be allowed to do so.

Once Albertsons was split up, none of the 3 divisions took me, so I ended up unemployed for a few months, before ending up at my current job. It's OK, but I don't enjoy it as much. Largely because most of my current job is routine data entry. I rarely get a chance to actually do intensive, deep research into a problem.

(Wow, this really went in a different direction than I was originally planned. Almost more of an introduction…)

This is my entry for Week Two of [livejournal.com profile] therealljidol. We will be voting later this week.

artist job opening

Thursday, 7 July 2011 09:23
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there are a couple of job openings here at the Phoenix office of CBS Outdoor.


That is the general CBS Corporate jobsite.

One of the Phoenix jobs is for a Graphic Artist. I think there may be a couple people out there who may be interested.
The other, Lease Administrator, would be working directly with me (unless management rearranges responsibilities.)

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 22:00
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I am getting so dissatisfied with current job.
It is getting so repetitive most of the time. And busy.
SunBelt partner got fired, so have new person, doing training.

Ideally, I would like to get a job in the St. Louis or Louisville offices, since they would be closer to family. However, jobs don't come open very often, and moving back there would mess up Jos's business.

Been applying for various government type jobs, applied for one in Mesa yesterday, and a Maricopa county one tonight. (I've actually had a few interviews with various Maricopa county positions. Nothing ever come from them though. (I think I don't interview very well…) :(

Government type work is sortof the 'family business'. Dad was Illinois state trooper, and mom did secretarial work for various state parks.


Sunday, 30 August 2009 09:49
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 Well, I had fun last night. :)
Well, if not fun, at least interesting, but it was enjoyable. (and I think I have confused myself…)

I finished up a project that languished on my hard drive for much to long.
Back in September 2005, when we lived up on Angela Drive (I think) I started a project of transferring cassettes over to digital. I finished one at that time. (Lunacy by Lunacy which I don't expect anyone reading this to have heard of. Lunacy was a gay pagan duo in the early 1990s. I don't remember exactly when or where I got the cassettes, but I assume it was while I was living in Kansas City, since from the info on the cassettes they were based there, and that was during my more active pagan period.)
During September 2005, I had also pulled Hand of Desire by Lunacy onto computer, one AIFF file per side. And that is as far as I got at that point. Yesterday, I downloaded Amadeus and Audacity to finish up Hand of Desire. I ended up using Audacity for most of it. Mostly because Audacity is an Open Source program (and thus free.) It worked quite well, especially when I figured out how to do pull off all the songs on a side at once, rather than doing it one at a time. (Yeah, the first side I was doing each song separately.)
(This is the best link I can find online for Lunacy [about halfway down the page.] The Last.FM link on the Google search is info I put in there…)

In other news, I did not get the Indianapolis job I had been (sorta) hoping for. They ended up hiring a local lady for it. So I shall keep with this job for now, and keep sending out resumes for other jobs.

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Friday, 17 April 2009 06:57
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Did taxes, got a lot more back than I was expecting, due to an education credit I didn't know I was eligible for.

Speaking of education, at work, I put in for education assistance at the beginning of last semester (back in August 08). Obviously, I have to wait till the semester is over to let them know how I did, so gave them my grades in December.
As of yesterday, I still haven't learned if I'm going to get it or not...

and speaking of jobs...
I've applied for a Army civilian job on the Yuma Proving Ground. Legal Assistant.

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Wow, I really need to post more.
Not so much to let y'all know everything about me (because sometimes I think only a few people really care. And most of the few people who really care aren't even online...)

Birthday came and went. Nothing spectacular, though I didn't get what has been my annual depression around my birthday. My main present was from Jos, quite a bit earlier. Early October in fact, when he took me to see Neil Diamond in concert! That was VERY fun and enjoyable, and I didn't mention it anywhere online.

I have not felt in much of holiday mood this year. Part of it is just the general economy I think, but part of it is just me this year. Another part of it is Arizona. I almost hate to say this, but I almost miss real winter...
I need to get present for Jos.
Need to get Mom's present packed and shipped.
I need to get and do holiday cards.

I miss my family... I've not been back to see them since I moved out here to Phoenix. there is nothing really holding me here in Phoenix. I moved out here to work for Albertson's. I was almost past living paycheck to paycheck when Albertson's fissioned.
Jos has pointed out that Columbus, Ohio is almost perfectly halfway between our families. About a 7 hour drive to both of them. When I finish my Paralegal Certificate next semester, we are going to be seriously be considering moving to Columbus.

We are switching cell phone companies. Going from Verizon to Sprint. I am getting the Instinct. Jos is getting the Lotus in purple. (I was SOOO tempted to get the Lotus. I like the color, I like flip phones. Unfortunately I really don't like how LG does their cameraphones. I tend to use my camera phone for most of the pictures I take, and LG does not put any EXIF data into the picture files. Not even anything as simple as time/date stamp. Of course, if I end up not liking the Instinct, I could return it and get a Lotus, and just get a separate digital camera.)
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Heyla alles,

I know some of y'all are artists, and y'all probably know a lot more artists than I do.

The company I work for has an opening for a <a href="http://www.talentzoo.com/index.php?action=view_job&jobID=87844>Graphic Artist</a>.

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Friday, 5 October 2007 21:44
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When taking the scooter KYMCO scooterto work, I go down 24th St. It crosses under the morning incoming flight path of Sky Harbor Airport. (in the morning, planes come in from the west, and take off towards the east, reversed in the afternoon.) This is interesting, because it feels like the planes are only 20 feet overhead when they are coming in... I know they are a lot higher than that, but it is just wierd having them that low overhead...

I am really looking forward to being made permanent at CBS Outdoor. I am enjoying the job quite a bit. From what I remember of reading the draft of the job description Heidi showed me, I would be using Excel quite a bit more than I am now. I am going to have to find a Windows keyboard that has the = sign on the number pad, and submit for them to buy it. It would be so much easier to have it over there, rather than having to use the one on the main keyboard. (I have started using Excel rather than calculator, manually keying in equations, while figuring out percentage rent.)

I’m thinking that Jos’s idea of both of us doing expediting may actually go through. I’m starting to look into classes to get my CDL. I’m thinking that we would want to sign on with a fleet operator for awhile, to make sure we can both handle the job. Jos is thinking more along the lines of buying our van or straight truck outright first, and if it doesn’t work out, selling it...

Either way, we will want to be forming a corporation, I think. I’m going to need to be researching this quite a bit. We are thinking of basing either in southern Illinois (where my family is) or Pennsylvania (where his family is.) So I need to research both of those, along with AZ (where we are now.) We would probably form here, and move it later.
We are planning on just living in the van/truck, not having an apartment. Need to figure out mail and similar stuff (voting). I have actually had a few dreams about this job.

job stuff

Tuesday, 12 June 2007 20:47
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Well, yet another temp assignment starts tomorrow.
This one is supposed to be a long term one, essentially a temp-to-perm opportunity.
(And since this is a definate, rather than an interview, I canceled an interview I had made earlier today. Maricopa Superior Court, Judicial Clerk Assistant. This was also a temp position, about 3 months.... It was a hard decision for me, because I really would like to get into the court system as an employee. But ultimately, at this point, we need the money coming in for sure.)

I have been getting close to depression about not having a job, and no money coming in. (the other night, when we were watching Red Dawn, I drank a bit, and the ending is sad enough I was able to give myself a good cry in the bedroom.

I hope we can get the Vino scooter fixed up. I would really rather ride it to work, instead of driving my car. The new job is only about 5 miles from home. It is over at 48th St and Thomas, CBS Outdoor. I will be doing something with the leases for the billboards.
For the Vino, I would be happy getting it running good, and a gas cap. (and ingnition key, rather than just kick starter.) The body panels are lower priority. I'm almost thinking of doing something like an Art Scooter to it.

Maricopa court jobs

Wednesday, 28 March 2007 20:13
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I swear, I am begining to think that all the Maricopa County courts expect everyone who applies with them to be currently unemployed, and no other plans.
I got a voice mail today, from the Maricopa Superior Court, telling me that they would like me to come in for an interview. I called back to set up time, and the only day they were doing interviews was Thursday (tomorrow)! I told here I could not make it tomorrow, and asked if they were doing any on Friday.
She said she would ask the supervisors doing the interviews, and give me a call back.
I now have an interview scheduled for Friday at 9am.
(That is sort of scary... that they change their schedules because I ask??) Does that mean that they like my résumé enough to make that type of change? Or they hadn't had enough people call back? After all, are all the people they call going to have cell phones?

I mentioned the other one in the AZ Court of Appeals that I had to decline interview because of the timing, and the Justice Court that I did interview with, after leaving early the 2nd day of training...

Today was my 4th day out of training. Made no sales at all yesterday. Not good when one of the main things they measure is Revenue Per Rep...

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Friday, 23 March 2007 18:22
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Talked to the AZ Court of Appeals today, during lunch.
Unfortunately, the only times they had available for interviews were between 10 and 11 am Mon - Wed.
Since I had such short lead time, I had to regretfully pass up on this job.

I also heard back from the other court I talked about, a week and half ago, up at the Justice Courts in north Phoenix. It turns out that it was decided for their 2 vacancies to be moved to other justice courts.
However, she did say that my interview went very well (and that I interviewed very well, which was surprising to me!! I thought I did on the lower end of the scale.)
She said I will probably hear from other Justice courts in the area, since there are other openings coming up (aside from her two that she lost). The online application I filled out was more of a pool application, rather than for 1 specific opening...

Hopefully, next time, I will get a bit more lead time!
(Also, the lady I talked to at the Court of Appeals sounded excited when she heard who I was, and disappointed when I told her I had to pass on it.)
I will keep my eye on their site, and look for openings.

Now that I actually HAVE a job with money coming in, I can be a bit more selective in where I send application to.

Although, one good thing about GoDaddy, is that they do offer tuition reimbursement.
Now, if I can just last long enough to get it...

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Thursday, 22 March 2007 21:40
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I really wish these jobs could get their timing together.

I received a letter today (that was sent on the 20th) stating that to get an interview, I have to call on the 23rd.
The days they are doing the interviews are the 26, 27 28th...
The job is a Deputy Clerk/File Clerk for the AZ Court of Appeals.

So, tomorrow during lunch, I will call, and see what times they are having interviews, and if there is any possibility of having one on Friday...
I think I would really like that job, but I'm not going to lose the GoDaddy job for it.
I'm starting to like GoDaddy, though Iam still a bit nervous on the phones (and of course, just as I expected, my weak point is sales...)
There are paralegal type positions within GoDaddy, so I will probably try to stick it out.

We got our mid term back for Intro to Paralegal Profession tonight. I got 44/50. Missed 3 questions. 2 of them I was wavering between the correct answer and the one I chose. Got full 10 points on the essay!

Turned in 2nd writing assignment tonight, and received 3rd.

sweet dreams all.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2007 21:21
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unemployment? what unemployment?
I should have received approximately 1 months worth of unemployment. I have received only 1 weeks worth, and that was after spending the morning at their office.
Major part of the issue is the fact that the company I worked for during my eligibility time technically no longer exists, and the unemployment people can't keep it straight which company whould be paying me unemployment.

Tomorrow, we take live phone calls from customers.

1st Place

Monday, 19 March 2007 21:18
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We had the 'final exam' in the training class today.
50 questions, and I was the only one who scored 100%!! :)
I'm told that being the top scorer in class gets me a small bonus.
Since the teacher said 100s are fairly rare, I wonder if I'll get a larger bonus.

So far, it has been mostly the technical side, learning the products and how to navigate the website.

I think I will concentrate on helping the customer, letting sales take care of themselves.


Saturday, 17 March 2007 07:22
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Yeesh, I seem to have already gotten into cycle of new job at GoDaddy.
Went to sleep about 10:30pm.
Woke up about 5:00am. :(
I really did not want to wake up that early.
oh well.

Today, I will probably do some bookscouting.

Jos and I need to start getting boxes for our move.

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Sunday, 11 March 2007 20:54
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I'm just watching GSN, Greatest Game show Moments.

I'm nervous about tomorrow, I start at GoDaddy.

I think I may try sticking it out and after the 90 days try getting into the legal department.

I need to find my transcript, or order a new copy, and officially get enrolled in the Paralegal program.


Tuesday, 20 February 2007 21:48
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Well, sounds like I may be starting a new job (finally) on Monday. GoDaddy, in Scottsdale. as CustomerService/Sales
I have to call back tomorrow.

I now have reserved our room for CaliFur3, for Friday and Saturday night. (4 and 5 May 2007). I did a room w/ 2 Queen size beds. Anyone needing bed space for those 2 nights?


Tuesday, 19 December 2006 20:03
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(and the music is Jos's. The iTunes account with money on it is on my system. so when he wants something, I buy it and copy it to his system.)

OK, I do like Identity so far. I watched it last night and tonight. Penn Jillette is the host of it. It's an interesting concept for a gameshow. The main complaint I have is how long he drags out the confirmation of the stranger's identity...

I did NOT get the Circle K job. I am really hoping to get the Safeway job.


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