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A middle-aged satyr steps up to the microphone. His heavy horns emerge from his upper forehead, curling back and out, with the points at about jaw level, but a bit in front of his jaw. They are decorated with bright paint and colorful ribbons wrapped around, along with some beaded dangles. His long hair is dark brown, with three bright green patches, while his beard is a lighter brown and grey. He is wearing a brocade vest, patterned in leaves in multiple shades of green, and an electric blue leather kilt. His hooves tap on the wooden floor in front of the podium.

“Good evening. I believe introductions are in order. My name is Lirleni Hankeshe, and I am currently the primary fursona of the writer. He is currently feeling a bit under the weather, as well as mildly depressed about the election results yesterday in the United Species of America.” He pauses, takes a drink from a tankard sitting by the podium, and smacks his lips in satisfaction. “WONDERful cider you serve here! I may enjoy this job after all!”

“I have been authorized to answer any questions you may have about the writer. This will be his fourth attempt at this competition, and he is hoping to do better than in previous seasons, interacting with all of you more. He asked me to read you a list of his interests, but I think that would be boring, and possibly counter-productive. After all, he freely admits that in general he leads a fairly sedate life. Much of his free time is spent reading science fiction and fantasy, and enjoys exploring worlds that others have created.”


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