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EggNog, the drink of the season. I didn't have much this year. A 12oz bottle back at the beginning of the season, like right after Thanksgiving, that I bought when we were doing grocery shopping. And I bought a half gallon a few days ago. (It's labeled as Pumpkin Eggnog, but I don't detect any real pumpkin flavour to it.) I should probably learn how to make it myself.

I'm starting to wear a watch again. I'd been using my cellphone for that, since the old one I had, I just had to push any of the buttons to bring up the time display. (and actually, the Instinct will do that also.) I've got a clip watch that I just need to get a new battery for, and it should be fine. It's a Mt. Dew watch, from one of their point contests a couple of years ago or so.

Got Mom's present sent off today, along with Jos's presents to his family. And cards to his family.

His uncle will be retiring from the Air Force at the end of January, and we are driving over to San Antonio, TX for the ceremony. We'll have a day free or so.

Grades for Fall semester have been released. I got an A in Criminal Procedure (surprised me!) and a B in Ethics, which is about what I was expecting. Mainly because most of the grade was based on writing assignments, and I am not a very good writer. though I will be trying to remedy that (again) this year.
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Jos pointed out that we had holiday cards from last year, so didn't have to buy new ones.
Did pick up some stamps. (both letter and postcard)

I picked up a couple Greatest Hits collections at the local Circuit City a couple weeks ago. INXS and Doobie Brothers. The Doobie's didn't read in iTunes. I'll have to try it again.

If you think we may not have your current address, please let me know. I've screened comments.
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Wow, I really need to post more.
Not so much to let y'all know everything about me (because sometimes I think only a few people really care. And most of the few people who really care aren't even online...)

Birthday came and went. Nothing spectacular, though I didn't get what has been my annual depression around my birthday. My main present was from Jos, quite a bit earlier. Early October in fact, when he took me to see Neil Diamond in concert! That was VERY fun and enjoyable, and I didn't mention it anywhere online.

I have not felt in much of holiday mood this year. Part of it is just the general economy I think, but part of it is just me this year. Another part of it is Arizona. I almost hate to say this, but I almost miss real winter...
I need to get present for Jos.
Need to get Mom's present packed and shipped.
I need to get and do holiday cards.

I miss my family... I've not been back to see them since I moved out here to Phoenix. there is nothing really holding me here in Phoenix. I moved out here to work for Albertson's. I was almost past living paycheck to paycheck when Albertson's fissioned.
Jos has pointed out that Columbus, Ohio is almost perfectly halfway between our families. About a 7 hour drive to both of them. When I finish my Paralegal Certificate next semester, we are going to be seriously be considering moving to Columbus.

We are switching cell phone companies. Going from Verizon to Sprint. I am getting the Instinct. Jos is getting the Lotus in purple. (I was SOOO tempted to get the Lotus. I like the color, I like flip phones. Unfortunately I really don't like how LG does their cameraphones. I tend to use my camera phone for most of the pictures I take, and LG does not put any EXIF data into the picture files. Not even anything as simple as time/date stamp. Of course, if I end up not liking the Instinct, I could return it and get a Lotus, and just get a separate digital camera.)


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