Thursday, 7 January 2016 21:36
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It may sounds odd for someone who is involved with Where's George? to say they really wouldn't mind if the $1 bill was discontinued, but truthfully, I wouldn't. Seph and I already use uncommon denominations to a very large extent already. He tends to pull his allowance from the bank as mostly $1 and 50¢ coins, whereas I tend to do $2 bills and $1 coins, with a smattering of 50¢.

One of the main arguments for discontinuing the $1 bill is the cost savings, since a coin would last significantly longer than the current average of just under 6 years for the $1 bill. After all, the US Mint hasn't produced the quarter with the eagle back since 1999, so the youngest is 17 years at this point, and they are still easy to find in circulation. Heck, even finding Bicentennial quarters isn't all that uncommon! Whereas any $1s earlier than 2009 series are becoming somewhat rare in circulation. (You can use the tables @ the US Paper Money site to figure out when your bills were actually printed. [that is NOT a Federal Government site!])

The only way for the official cutover to $1 coins to happen is going to have to be a cold turkey approach. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is going to have to actually stop producing $1 bills and let the ones currently in circulation wear out. Other countries have switched over easily enough.
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Happy Leap Day! :)

Company took us out to see Angels v. Texas Rangers yesterday, at one of the Cactus League openers. (just about 2 miles from work.)

Need to get some $2 from bank today after work, to enter into Where's George.


Scully's sick. She's been in the vet hospital for past couple days. Dehydrated, kidney problems. :( Much money flying out for her. »skritches«

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Saturday, 25 August 2007 09:42
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Well, it sounds like the scooter that was stolen last year may have been recovered. Jos got a call from the Coconino County Sheriff’s office about a recovered motorcycle. They left a voice mail, and when he called back, he couldn’t get a live person.
This is up in Flagstaff, so if it is in good condition, no idea how we would get it home...

I think I am going to ‘officially’ change branches of the credit union I go to.
We do have one just a couple blocks from us, but it is a ‘secure’ one i.e. you don’t see the tellers face to face. It is basically done as a drivethru, even though you are inside. The waits are always longer than reasonable IMO. I am going to go back to using the one on 44th st, as it is basically on my way home. (and since I finally got signed up for direct deposit, don’t have to worry about that.)

Time to wake up luv, see if he wants to go get brekkies.


Thursday, 7 December 2006 19:25
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I now fully remember why I don't usually take vacations unless I have something specific planned.
I'm bored!
One can only browse job boards so long each day.
(have been applying to interesting jobs.) and I do have a job interview Monday! YEAH! Not one of the Safeway jobs that I think I would really like, or the state Librarian - Reader Advisor (2nd job down, sounds like I could do it!) The interview is for Circle K, as Price Book Coordinator. It sounds a lot like the Pricing Group at the Scottsdale office did. I was starting to pick that up, so I think I have a good shot at this.

Plans for tomorrow:
Find my SS card! (I know it is around the apartment somewhere... I am going to be needing it.)
Go to Phoenix College for Advisement appt. about getting into the ParaLegal program.
Clean bedroom.
Shave (not shaved in >1week).

Jos was mysterious Monday night (I think it was... The days are already blurring!) on where we were going. Ended up going down to the Phoenix Zoo for ZooLights. Was Fun and beautiful! We are GOING to have to go down there sometime during the day! Afterward, we stopped at Bill Johnson's steakhouse for supper. Good Food!

Tuesday, finally got some $2 bills again, at the US Bank branch downtown. (after Wells Fargo didn't have any Monday. They did have some of the Sacagawea dollar coins, so stocked up on them too.) I'm looking forward to the Presidential $1 coins. I'm not going to collect them, I'm going to USE them! I like using the $2, and $1 coin. (Though not the Susan B...)
Edit: to put in line breaks as it was showing as all run together...


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