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I am working my way through the Hugo shortlist and voting. Basically, anything put out by Castalia House and Vox Day is getting placed under the No Award Option. The only exception to that may be Jerry Pournelle as editor of There May Be War Vol. 10. I would like to know if he just lent his name, or if he actually did some editing work/selection. Everything else is getting ranked according to merit. (yes, even Chuck Tingle's work is getting rated above no award and the two items from Castalia/Vox. Especially since one of the nominees, If You Were An Award, My Love did not get included in the Hugo packet, and I can't find it on Mr. Day's website. Not that I looked very hard.)

I am going to WorldCon/MidAmeriCon 2 next month. Taking the Amtrak over to KC, since we only have one vehicle, and [ profile] taur10 needs it to get to work while I'm gone. Since I decided to actually go so late, I wasn't able to find a room-mate in one of the hotels. (Of course, they don't seem to have any type of roomshare site set up, like several of the furry cons do. ) I'm booked at an AirBnB in easy bus distance from the KC Convention center. This will be my first time doing an AirBnB. Of course, I don't do much travelling…

[ profile] taur10 and I will be going down to Mephit Fur Meet over Labour Day weekend. Planning on doing the caravan down to Memphis from Saint Louis. Hopefully this year, we will get with them at the start, rather than catching up to them down near Cape. :)

I have been cleared to return to work, and drive! :) Went back on Thursday. It's nice not having to rely on Seph to drive me places. Have an appointment Monday with my cardiologist, which will probably be an every 6 months ritual for the rest of my life. No real restrictions, other than weight, and to be somewhat careful to not put a lot of stress on the sternum. Need to see if the 2 medications I am still on are contraindicated with alcohol. I will be glad to start drinking beer again. And Mtn Dew. (they wanted me off caffeine also, with all the blood pressure medicines I was on. The caffeine free diet Mtn Dew just isn't the same.)


Wednesday, 10 September 2014 11:21
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yes, a bit late in posting my rundown…

In general, I had quite a bit of fun!
Me being who I am, I didn't interact as much as maybe ℑ should have… (Would have been nice to get the name of the gentleman who did a satyr in the fursuit parade!) I got my face painted. went swimming (finally, Sunday night, after I figured out where the pool was!) I wore my satyr horns most of the weekend, and now need to get more spirit gum (video). Should be able to get some more, since the Halloween stores are now open. (I wonder if anyone got a picture of me in horns? I don't remember anyone actually taking pics of me…)

Lot of dancing! (though much of the dancing didn't have many people.)

[ profile] javarod and I donated some of our older furry comics (much of it 10–20 years old). A short comic box full, along with 5 "graphic novels". I put that in quotes, because 4 of them were the 4 issues of The American Journal of Anthropomorphics. (until I looked up that link, I didn't realize that there were ONLY 4 issues released.) And one of the Cerebus phone-books, High Society. I will admit, most of what we donated was Seph's, and his stuff went for the higher prices. (The 4 issues of the Journal sent for $55). Our comics went for a total of $285. I don't think we could have gotten that out of selling them individually.

Did do quite a bit of reading in public places. Some karaoke.

We will be going next year. (Yes, Seph is planning on going next year!)

(Need to get spirit gum sometime this week, as I want to wear my horns to Pedigree's bowling birthday party.)
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OK, lets try this again.
Solstice day would be a good day for reinitiating something like this.

Took today off from work as a vacation day. I've got 3 weeks of vacation I need to work through over the rest of the year, so I should definitely start planning for some days.
I think I am going to try to go to Mephit Fur Meet this year, so that will take up a few days. Probably stop by Mom's on either the way down or back up.
Another con I want to go to is the local Science Fiction, Archon. Since that one is local, I probably wouldn't need to rent a room.

Anyway, today, I finally got a couple of haircut's worth of hair sent off to Locks of Love today. The oldest one was from when we still lived in Phoenix, I think actually from after I started with CBS outdoor, so about 5 years ago. The other one from March of last year (2012), so only 16 months old. Had it done @ a Great Clips, so one would think they would know how to do it (since they advertise that they do haircuts for Locks of Love for free. However, I had to basically tell the stylist how to do it. (and when I felt in the envelope they gave me with my hair, I'm not sure if they left the rubberbands on…) Hopefully they are both good enough to be used.

After that, took some books over to V-Stock. About 5 boxes worth, They took about 2 boxes worth of them… Still, that gave us about $24 in credit! :) I was thinking about getting a D&D 3.5 Players Manual, since that's what Tron is using in his campaign. (I have an e-book version, but would be nice to have the actual physical book. I do still have enough credit that I may still go back over and get it. Only $9.99.)

On the way home, we stopped at O'Charley's for supper. (Seph had his birthday coupon.) quite good

For tonight, he's been watching The Point on YouTube.

I got him a Samsung Tab 7" for his birthday, he's been wanting one for awhile. He's planning on using it with his work.


Wednesday, 25 June 2008 06:36
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I hope everyone has a safe trip to/from the con, and has fun while there!

We WILL make it again, sometime.

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Saturday, 11 November 2006 00:06
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Well, for those who actually listened to my voice post (if anyone actually did...) I was a bit incorrect. Further Confusion, in January in San Jose, is the one that Jerry Pournelle is the guest at. (and I SOOOO want to go!!! Anyone got roomspace for 2? for Jos and I? Anyone from Phoenix want to split driving costs? :)

The one that Jos wants to go to is CaliFur, in southern California. That one isn't until May, so plenty of time to make arrangements for it.

My last day with SuperValu (Albertsons) is 1 December 2006. Some people will be going out for drinks after work, and I may join them... 13 years with Osco will be ending. :_( Looking for new job. Anyone in Phoenix have any leads?

Jos is now a cabbie, and seems to really enjoy it. Doing fairly well with it so far. So anyone needing a cab in Phoenix, give him a call. (Contact me privately for his cell#)

Listening to random nonrated songs in iTunes, and rating them.

Anyone want to buy a scooter?


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