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Sunday, 23 April 2017 22:21
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Well, no gaming for the next two Mondays, Tiger and Tron are going to CLAW. One of the Las Vegas crew has formally withdrawn from group. Other one will try to skype in, so we can finish the main campaign. Trying to get my character into a PCGen template, but having issues... Android Monk (Zen Archer) / Fighter. Can't seem to get the data sets for the Zen Archer to load at the same time as the Android race...
Have also created an account @ Roll20.net.

Tonight was the last normal league night for our bowling league for the season. Next week is a free bowling night, and then there will be a party where any prizes will be given out in 2 weeks. Not sure if we will be doing a summer league or not, though I am leaning toward not... I did not really enjoy the one summer league I was in (2 summers ago, before my surgery.)

Time for me to get back on my comic box reorganization project.

Picked up some canna starts, and planted most of them. Will plant the last ones tomorrow.

time to feed the fishies, pull the laundry upstairs, and head to the Dreaming.

(speaking of which, I want to see a MLP version of The Endless.)

this and that

Thursday, 13 November 2014 22:42
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Over the weekend, I dropped bookmarks for the Grand Comics Database off at 3 comic shops. Did laundry Satyrday (usually Sunday) so I could go down to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Definitely enjoyed it. Climatron was interesting, but by the end of my walk through it, it felt like I was breathing soup. Wonder what it's like in the summer?! I'm planning on going regularly, may buy a membership.

After leaving the Botanical Garden, was time for bowling. I bowled 159, 104, 106. Between the 2 teams, there were 3 people bowling. (normally would have been 8). The other team had one prebolwer and one absent, my team had two prebowlers and one absent (team captain. He actually was in the hospital due to appendicitis.) Don't think I ever mentioned the name of the team I ended up on… Chicken and the Hawks.

I'm thinking seriously about finally setting up an aquarium. Planning on doing a heavily planted tank, and may start it out using the Dry Start Method. Basically, a lot of plants used in fresh water aquariums are from areas that tend to have seasonal flooding, so that they have evolved different forms for when they are submerged or emergent. Starting a planted tank as a terrarium for the first couple of months lets the plants get good root systems going. The plants that can grow both ways tend to be sold as the emergent form, since that is the easiest to grow in large scale. You plant them, keep the temp and humidity nice and high and allow them to get established, then flood the tank, add any plants that only grow submerged that you want, let the Nitrogen Cycle get established, and add fish/shrimp/snails/other fauna.
The fauna I'm planning on right now are: school of some sort of tetra, a betta, some shrimp and snails.
Not all that sure of plants at this time, but have some across some neat looking ones at Planted Aquariums Central.
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As of Sunday, 02 November 2014, my Average is 128, with a Handicap of 87. Sunday's series was 129, 113, and 121, so my average will probably be going down a pin or 2.
I think there are a few locals who read this… We would like one more member on the team. Sunday nights @ Tropicana Lanes in Clayton. Let me know if you would be interested.

Thinking of getting ourselves legal here in MO. Somewhat thinking of just doing a civil ceremony again, at the Hazelwood Court, if they would be willing. Or a pagan, if anyone knows of any local pagans who can do it.

I bought an orchid at Aldi back in the summer, and took it to work. The final flower has finally dropped. It is doing pretty good, thinking of repotting it sometime soon.

In D&D news, Monday Night Gaming has started a new campaign, run by Kane. I'm playing a Bariaur Cleric. I originally had him as Cleric of Elhonna (one of the nature gods) but I think I may ask Kane if I can change to Shiva. (unfortunately, I don't think Shiva has ever been adapted into D&D officially, though there have been other Hindu gods…)
Now to see if I can get a commission of him. :)
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Well, had my second Bowling league tonight. Last week I established my aerate and handicap. 125 / 90.

Tonight my scratch scores were
153, 132, 108
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I quite like bowling. So does my husband Seph ([livejournal.com profile] javarod). Haven't done much of it lately, only partly due to the fact that Seph is pretty much on the opposite schedule from me these days. I work standard office hours, 0800–1700 Monday–Friday. He is now working overnight stocking @ WalMart, with his days off being Monday–Tuesday night and Tuesday–Wednesday night. So the times we get to see each other is quite a bit more limited that what it used to be. Plus, I do D&D with friends down at [livejournal.com profile] tygercowboy's house on Monday nights.

We've bought several Groupon's (and other deals) for bowling. And we use them, but we can't seem to get any others interested in it when we go. I've gone to local Furry bowling several times, and have fun, but that also isn't a regular event. (And it tends to be a party, where some bowling is done. Leading to lots of gutter-balls, especially for those who do it in fursuit.) Whereas I tend to focus more on the bowling, and party on the side… My overall average for the last few times I've gone has been around 170, and most of those have been with house balls. The last group bowl I was at, a fursuiter guttered every frame in a game.

What I need to do is find another bowling league. I was in a league back when I lived in KC, in the 90s. (great good gods, has it really been that long ago?) I bought a ball and even my own shoes. They ended up stolen out of my car one night, along with a nice chain-mail shirt. :Þ
Not really sure why I didn't try to find a league in Champaign IL, or Phoenix AZ, or here in Saint Louis MO yet… Actually, it would be a good idea for me to get back into regular league play… Went for a physical last week, and my Triglycerides came back high (237). The doctor wants me to start taking pravastatin, which I don't want to do. I'm the first to admit I am overweight, and need to get more active. This will probably be the kick I need to do it. You may remember I was riding my bike to work fairly regularly for a bit. The weather has prevented that a bit, along with the fact I really did not like a hill on the route. I may see about walking.

Anyway, we both enjoy bowling enough that we have recently bought balls and had them drilled to fit our fingers. That way we don't have to search among all the house balls to find ones that fit well enough. Mine is a 12 pound, opalescent blue. Seph's is the interesting one. He found a 10 pound Ed, Edd, and Eddy bowling ball on eBay. Got it cheap, less than $2 for the auction. The shipping bumped it up quite a bit, but still quite affordable for a bowling ball. We picked up bags at a local K-Mart that is closing. About the only other thing I need to get is a wrist brace, and I'll be good to go. (May eventually buy another pair of bowling shoes, but in general, I'm OK using house shoes.)


Wednesday, 10 September 2014 11:21
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yes, a bit late in posting my rundown…

In general, I had quite a bit of fun!
Me being who I am, I didn't interact as much as maybe ℑ should have… (Would have been nice to get the name of the gentleman who did a satyr in the fursuit parade!) I got my face painted. went swimming (finally, Sunday night, after I figured out where the pool was!) I wore my satyr horns most of the weekend, and now need to get more spirit gum (video). Should be able to get some more, since the Halloween stores are now open. (I wonder if anyone got a picture of me in horns? I don't remember anyone actually taking pics of me…)

Lot of dancing! (though much of the dancing didn't have many people.)

[livejournal.com profile] javarod and I donated some of our older furry comics (much of it 10–20 years old). A short comic box full, along with 5 "graphic novels". I put that in quotes, because 4 of them were the 4 issues of The American Journal of Anthropomorphics. (until I looked up that link, I didn't realize that there were ONLY 4 issues released.) And one of the Cerebus phone-books, High Society. I will admit, most of what we donated was Seph's, and his stuff went for the higher prices. (The 4 issues of the Journal sent for $55). Our comics went for a total of $285. I don't think we could have gotten that out of selling them individually.

Did do quite a bit of reading in public places. Some karaoke.

We will be going next year. (Yes, Seph is planning on going next year!)

(Need to get spirit gum sometime this week, as I want to wear my horns to Pedigree's bowling birthday party.)

fur bowling

Saturday, 13 June 2009 23:18
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Others have talked about the crisis in Iran... Looks bad.

Jos and I went to the Fur Bowling get together tonight, and had lots of fun.

I bowled in the 140s all 3 games.
142/147/143 (I think)

Jos bowled all over the place, actually won the 2nd game.
(I took pics of the screens, I'll look at them soon, and edit as needed.)


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