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Wow, I really need to post more.
Not so much to let y'all know everything about me (because sometimes I think only a few people really care. And most of the few people who really care aren't even online...)

Birthday came and went. Nothing spectacular, though I didn't get what has been my annual depression around my birthday. My main present was from Jos, quite a bit earlier. Early October in fact, when he took me to see Neil Diamond in concert! That was VERY fun and enjoyable, and I didn't mention it anywhere online.

I have not felt in much of holiday mood this year. Part of it is just the general economy I think, but part of it is just me this year. Another part of it is Arizona. I almost hate to say this, but I almost miss real winter...
I need to get present for Jos.
Need to get Mom's present packed and shipped.
I need to get and do holiday cards.

I miss my family... I've not been back to see them since I moved out here to Phoenix. there is nothing really holding me here in Phoenix. I moved out here to work for Albertson's. I was almost past living paycheck to paycheck when Albertson's fissioned.
Jos has pointed out that Columbus, Ohio is almost perfectly halfway between our families. About a 7 hour drive to both of them. When I finish my Paralegal Certificate next semester, we are going to be seriously be considering moving to Columbus.

We are switching cell phone companies. Going from Verizon to Sprint. I am getting the Instinct. Jos is getting the Lotus in purple. (I was SOOO tempted to get the Lotus. I like the color, I like flip phones. Unfortunately I really don't like how LG does their cameraphones. I tend to use my camera phone for most of the pictures I take, and LG does not put any EXIF data into the picture files. Not even anything as simple as time/date stamp. Of course, if I end up not liking the Instinct, I could return it and get a Lotus, and just get a separate digital camera.)

Happy Birthday!

Friday, 11 July 2008 06:46
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Happy Birthday HUGS!!! to [ profile] xoagray
I hope Viginia is treating you well!

Happy Birthday also to one of my favorite 'semipro' pundits on LJ, [ profile] bradhicks.

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, 19 June 2008 20:10
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Happy Birthday (a bit late, but...) to my hubby! [ profile] buckleshoe

Check out Kevin and Kell for the 20th. :)


Sunday, 18 November 2007 14:50
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Well, birthday going better than I was afraid. Mostly because I am feeling in a much better mood.

Went out with Jos on his job today, delivering lost luggage. Took my laptop along again, I have installed a sniffer program, (AirMoose) to see network names, and there are some amusing ones out there. Some mundane ones. A lot of default ones. Linksys seem to be the majority out here, being both default and unencrypted. My post last night, and I beleive the night before were both made while out and about.

I tried posting an earlier version of this one while up in North Scottsdale, but even though I was connected, iJournal wasn't connecting.

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Monday, 6 March 2006 09:09
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I really do not like moving.
Our lease on this place was 6-month, up at the end of this month.

Jos found a place more downtown, about equal distance from both our jobs, and we put in application, which was approved. $800 for a studio apt.

I was looking at Apartment Ratings and the complex is on there. In fact, it is the one with the most reviews... a lot negative. Now, I take the reviews with a large grain of salt, but with that many negative, for years, many of them stating similar issues, makes me think twice and even thrice.

Jos looked up a couple apartments on Craig's List , so I get to go look at them today.

I came across the following memish thing, on a link from a friend of friend.
The TV Guide cover for my birthday.


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