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Well, I ended up getting a bike yesterday, for a bit more than I was planning on spending...

I have downloaded MacJournal, and trying it out for LJ posting. Partly because I want a journal here on my local computer.
Most specifically, I wanted some type of record of my migraine earlier this week, which is why I posted it here on LJ. But I didn’t really want the whole world to know about it. (and yes, I realize now that I can change it so only friends can see it... I wasn’t feeling all that great that morning...)

Need to figure out some of the abilities of MacJournal, and its interaction with LJ.

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Monday, 26 May 2008 15:27
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I am SORE.

Jos & I decided to ride to get brekkies, at a place over in Scottsdale. About 6 miles from home. Strait across on Camelback.
On the way back, one of the gears sheared off, so I only had a few gears left.

We went down to Wal*Mart @ 38th St and Thomas, and picked up a better seat.
(My ass is sore from the ride.)

We will be taking my bike back to Wal*Mart and exchanging it. (I may end up with another model...)


Sunday, 25 May 2008 17:50
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Well, we ended up getting me a bike today. I ended up not getting it at Bike Barn. Got a Kent brand Avalon at Wal*Mart.

(And yes, the model linked is the one I got, and it is a ‘women’s’ style. I did try ‘mens’ and this one fit me better than most of the mens.)

I will definately have to get back used to biking. (It has been probably close to 20 years since I’ve biked with any regularity. We went over to Fry’s to do some grocery shopping, and my legs are letting me know it.

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Sunday, 25 May 2008 09:06
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Well, I have voted in the Advisory Board Election. [ profile] lj_election_en
I urge you to read about the candidates and vote.
That is all.

Not feeling great today. Eyes feeling wierd. getting tracers in vision field. Doesn’t quite feel like migrane precursor. think I will take drugs anyway.

Looked around at bikes yesterday. Since I am thinking about riding (at least partway) to work, I am going to need a better bike than what Wal*Mart carries. I think what I want is going to turn out to be a hybrid. When I buy, It will most probably be at the Bike Barn. Of the bike shops we visited yesterday, this is the one I felt most comfortable in.

(I almost wish we could afford single bikes for us and a tandem, for those times when we are going to the same place... but that is getting just a little ridiculous.

Time to go hunt down pain killers and some brekkies.

Oh yeah, from a pic on his flickr photostream, it looks like Elf Sternberg and I have similar tastes in vests.


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