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Saturday, 17 January 2015 16:41
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Well, lost one of my cories overnight.
It was leaning up on it's pelvic fins last night, and not moving much. This morning when I came down it was floating on the top of the tank. :(

The good thing, since it was less than seven days, I was able to return it to PetSmart for a refund.

(I need to trim down some of the pics I've taken of a cory and a shrimp, for use as an icon.)


Tuesday, 13 January 2015 21:57
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My aquarium finished cycling, so Sunday I added the first intentional fauna.
5 Cory cats and 16 ghost shrimp. It's fun to watch their interactions sometimes. There are a couple of the shrimp that are just about as long as the cories.

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Thursday, 13 November 2014 22:42
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Over the weekend, I dropped bookmarks for the Grand Comics Database off at 3 comic shops. Did laundry Satyrday (usually Sunday) so I could go down to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Definitely enjoyed it. Climatron was interesting, but by the end of my walk through it, it felt like I was breathing soup. Wonder what it's like in the summer?! I'm planning on going regularly, may buy a membership.

After leaving the Botanical Garden, was time for bowling. I bowled 159, 104, 106. Between the 2 teams, there were 3 people bowling. (normally would have been 8). The other team had one prebolwer and one absent, my team had two prebowlers and one absent (team captain. He actually was in the hospital due to appendicitis.) Don't think I ever mentioned the name of the team I ended up on… Chicken and the Hawks.

I'm thinking seriously about finally setting up an aquarium. Planning on doing a heavily planted tank, and may start it out using the Dry Start Method. Basically, a lot of plants used in fresh water aquariums are from areas that tend to have seasonal flooding, so that they have evolved different forms for when they are submerged or emergent. Starting a planted tank as a terrarium for the first couple of months lets the plants get good root systems going. The plants that can grow both ways tend to be sold as the emergent form, since that is the easiest to grow in large scale. You plant them, keep the temp and humidity nice and high and allow them to get established, then flood the tank, add any plants that only grow submerged that you want, let the Nitrogen Cycle get established, and add fish/shrimp/snails/other fauna.
The fauna I'm planning on right now are: school of some sort of tetra, a betta, some shrimp and snails.
Not all that sure of plants at this time, but have some across some neat looking ones at Planted Aquariums Central.

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Sunday, 8 March 2009 20:41
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I've been reading Ursula Vernon's LJ for quite awhile now, and she's been talking about her new reef tank lately. That's got me thinking more seriously about getting my own aquarium. I wouldn't be doing anything quite as advanced as she is. She is doing a micro-reef tank. What I would be doing is a freshwater tank, most probably more focused on plants, rather than fish.




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