Sunday, 18 June 2017 10:27
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 We are currently at Ginghams. We were without power when I woke up. Seph said it had been out for about 7 hours at that point. Came out to St Charles to get generator. (He had been thinking of getting one for awhile..)

Last night, I went to see "Jesus Christ, Superstar"  at the MUNY. We got tickets @ work, and I grabbed them. Quite nice seats, IMO. Section A6, Row T, Seats 18/20. Seph did not want to go with me, and I had no takers when I posted them on a couple of local places...
I did quite enjoy it.  the second part especially, though it was sad. I have always thought Judas Iscariot got a bad reputation, undeservedly, in 'standard Christian beleifs.' This does seem to play that up. I wonder if I got exposed to a performance as a kid somewhere? I do have a copy of the Gospel of Judas somewhere. I now want to read it.

We've been doing Seph's birthday meals over the past few days. Including today @ Gingham's (where we usually eat before I drop him off @ work on Satyrday nights.) And his Whelpday is tomorrow (Monday, 19 June).

I've started listening to Productivity Alchemy by Kevin Sonney. I'm thinking / wondering if Open Badges would work @ conventions. Fur Cons are the main ones I'm thinking of, since that is my primary fandom I do stuff with, but in general, could work with about any, I would think?

(Back at home, 11:45 AM. Electricity is back on. Getting ready to head down to Cobden.)


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