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 My current main gaming group is currently split in 2, because 2 of them moved to Las Vegas last year. It has made it difficult to get our 'main' campaign finished, even though we are basically only 1 or 2 sessions from finishing it. We meet on Mondays @ Tyger's and Tron's house (Tron is the GM for the current main and backup campaign. Both are in PathFinder system. Though I think we will be switching to the StarFinder system when it comes out this summer, since Tron tends to do it that way anyway (especially the main campaign.) which does throw some oddities into it, pushing the base PathFinder system to modern/future setting.

Anyway, everyone in the group is supposed to have a campaign ready to go for when we [finally] finish the main campaign. I'm planning on proposing a GURPS Supers campaign. I need to actually WORK on getting a campaign idea set up. I'm wanting it to be something like Alex Woolfson's The Young Protectors. My trouble is just getting everything created/set down. Also, the fact that none of us have actually played in the GURPS system before…

I have started moving my cleric in the backup campaign to a digital format (PCGEn file) on my Linux box as of last night. I've been holding off on taking him up to 14th level (for in game reasons, he was thinking of infiltrating a sect of Inquisitors of Serenrae, by joining them and get some training. That plot was resolved differently.) I am thinking of doing Holy Vindicator prestige class.


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